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    Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:56:52

    Meital Dohan Talks "Yummy" - In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    "I wanted 'Yummy' to resonate with some kind of a dirty, secretive fantasy that people might have," reveals Meital Dohan of her latest single.

    She certainly accomplished that mission with the fierce, fiery music video for "Yummy." Donning nothing more than pink boxing gloves and red boots, she romps across town having a blast and knocking out a few people in the process.

    Primal percussion propels the song as Meital's sexy and slithering verse resounds gorgeously. When the hook kicks in, her voice takes hold with both elegance and attitude. There's no pop singer out there quite like Meital, and "Yummy" is one of the most delicious anthems you'll hear this year. She's bound to fight her way right to the top, and it's going to take an army to move her. Seductive, soulful, and striking, Meital is just what 21st century pop needs.

    In this exclusive interview, Meital discusses "Yummy", inspirations, and so much more.

    What's the story behind "Yummy?" What's the song about? What does it meant to you? How did it come together?

    The "Yummy" video came from this concept of feminine empowerment that's important to me. It's the idea that if you strip yourself of all your clothes and all your makeup, you're still a kickass woman. I think sometimes women and men get caught up in this concept of what it is to be a proper woman who dresses like this or like that. If you wear very provocative, sexy clothes, people think you're a slut. If you cover yourself up, people think you're conservative and tight-assed. This video is saying "no thank you" loud and clear to both of those options. It's not about how you dress that makes you the woman that you are. I'm nude (well, dressed in a censor bar, technically) in the video and wearing boxing gloves to say, "I can do whatever I want, dress however I want, or maybe not dress at all, if that's what I feel like." There are all these standards of feminine beauty that our society perpetuates on TV and in magazines of the "perfect" ideal, and I think it's time we all put our boxing gloves on, take off our clothes, and just be ourselves. That's pretty "Yummy," right?

    Is it important for you to paint a visual picture and tell stories with the songs?

    Yes, it's funny you ask that because as soon as I start humming a melody for a song and writing the lyrics, I Immediately start to imagine the music video. I'm very much a visual thinker, so as soon as I have an idea I'm often thinking about the best way to visually tell the story in the most compelling and exciting manner.

    Have you always been interested in mixing genres? It feels like a mix of pop, hip hop, and house all at once.

    Yes, I definitely draw from all those genres. I don't believe in trying to conform to the limitations of a genre when you can really borrow elements from each to make your own, unique sound.

    Which artists shaped you and why?

    Artists that shape me are the ones that have guts and truly take chances at every moment of their career. The ones that don't care what the reviews say or what other people say, but only that they are true to themselves and their art. People like Charlie Chaplin, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, Madonna, George Lucas, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jerry Seinfeld, Björk, and Kanye West.

    Where else do you draw inspiration outside of music?

    The trauma of existing as a human being…the existential conflict is so absurd. It gives you plenty of material.

    What's next for you?

    Recording more music. Making more videos. Performing on more stages. And most importantly, putting it out there. Oh yeah, and feeding Charlie of course Stuff like that.

    Have you heard Meital yet?

    Watch the video for "Yummy" below!

    Rick Florino

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