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  • Music Industry Guru Dwaine Harris Reveals Tips on How Music Can Save Lives

    Mon, 20 Apr 2015 15:08:26

    Music Industry Guru Dwaine Harris Reveals Tips on How Music Can Save Lives - Learn how to be more posi + productive

    Music industry guru Dwaine Harris popped by today to offer some tips and reveals on how music saves lives. He knows, since he lived it.

    "Music is my savior. It always has been. I'm a recovering addict and it's my mission in life to help others. I do that in two ways. I do that by volunteering on Saturdays at the detox center at Bergen Regional Medical Center. I try to serve as a living example for addicts that there is a way out… one day at a time. 'If I can do it, you can do it.' That's pretty much my message. And I do that by focusing my energy on Big Mountain Entertainment, my artist management/promotion company. I represent numerous aspiring musicians and artists, among them Lisa Bianco and Six Stories Told, a life-affirming young band from upstate New York that's on the cusp of stardom.  

    "The five things I swear by to be more positive and productive are:

    "I listen to music all day -- the music that inspires me. I love promoting my artists and promoting their music, and finding them venues in which to play their music. Nothing makes me happier than for the songs of my musicians to be heard by others. Actually, one thing makes me happier: when the audience sings along because they're so into and inspired by the music. I also enjoy the musicians and songs that got me through some hard times. And now that things are better, I still listen to them so that I never forget the hard times. But nothing makes me more productive than having some of my artists' music playing at the office.

    "It's about family for me. I nearly lost all my family when I let my demons get the better of me. I've spent years regaining their trust. I speak to someone from my family every day now. I end every conversation with 'I love you.' I know how close I came to losing them for good, and it would have been my fault. I'm making up for lost time. I'm energized when I get off the phone.  

    "You would smile if I told you how much I listened -- at home, in the car and of course at work, too -- to the music created by the acts I manage. I go out of my way to support talented musicians with inspirational messages. Six Stories Told has a song, 'I Just Wanna Be Me' that's been adopted as the theme song for the students at a school in North Carolina for challenged kids. Positivity is contagious. How great is that?

    "I know I'm making a difference at the detox center at Bergen Regional Medical Center when I've brought the group I'm talking to tears. These are tears of self-examination on their part and it's the result of my being so open out my own flaws, my own self-examination. It's a shared experience that shows none of us are unique in our tragic pasts, and it unites us in, in a positive way, toward finding our path to recovery.

    "I have found that music can take me into the past and propel me in that same moment into the future... going from reflecting to interjecting on the issue at hand. Music is a great forum for figuring things out and inspiring people."

    There's some inspiration from someone who knows!

    —Amy Sciarretto

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