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    Wed, 08 Oct 2008 13:42:33

    On the Road With: Hey Monday - I wish it was Hey Monday, cause that's my fun day

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    When the days of the week were arguing amongst themselves about who would have to go first, they knew the unlucky sucker who drew the short straw would end up forever reviled as the day that brings with it the start of work. We all know which manic dud came up on the losing end of that game. Sucks to be you Monday.

    But just when you thought you'd be the the day who lived in infamy forever, along come Hey Monday to unsully your good name. If you're looking for an image make-over, soaring power pop melodies and a banshee lead singer are a good bet. The band bring a heavy dose of both, and considering they were signed to Pete Wentz's Decaydance Records, they have the platform to get their message to the masses. As their debut album, Hold On Tight, hit stores this week, the five Floridians were on the road for the "Bill & Trav's Bogus Journey Tour" with The Academy Is, We The Kings and Carolina Liar. Lead singer Cassadee Pope took time to knock out our On The Road With feature in between stops on their lengthy tour, to give us a quick glimpse at life on the trail.

    What records have you been cranking lately on the tour bus, backstage or before you perform and what's so great about them?

    I've been cranking all different kinds of music, from Sherwood to Eve 6. We all, as a band, love to listen to Four Year Strong. They pump us up and make us excited to play on stage because of their energy. We've all seen them live and they really make us want to rock out.

    What's your favorite piece of stage clothing/accoutrement/good luck charm and where did you get it?

    I usually like to wear vests over my tee shirt on stage. It's a nice little touch to spruce up the outfit. I also got a cute, colorful bracelet from the lead singer of This Providence, Dan Young. It was on the "Why So Serious?" tour, and it's just special to me, because it was our first tour and I love This Providence.

    What's the best place to eat on the road?

    The best place to eat on the road so far has been Jack In The Box. Yes, it is fast food, but it's so good! And quick. And cheap. And not to mention, they serve breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) all day.

    Do you write music on the road?

    I do write some lyrics and an occasional melody. It's pretty hard to write right now, because we are still getting used to touring and being on the road. It's amazing, but writing will probably come with time. I don't want to push it if it's not coming to me naturally.

    What's the best way to kill time in a boring spot?

    We usually like to surf the web. Most of the time we don't have internet access, or just have very slow internet access. I have internet right now because I'm sitting in our van, which is next to both the We the Kings and The Academy Is buses, which have internet. You realize how amazing internet it once you haven't had it in a long time!

    What's the most inspirational truck stop?

    So far, the truck stops in Colorado Springs were amazing. We don't have mountains in Florida, obviously, so seeing the scenery there was overwhelming

    What city has the best and most responsive crowds?

    Victorville, California blew our minds on the Why So Serious? tour. They knew all three songs from our myspace and weren't afraid to show it. We got all excited and giggly when the crowd sang the words back to us. It's never happened before. The other bands thought it was cute the way we reacted!

    Which venue has the cleanest facilities?

    Victorville, California, once again.

    More importantly, who provides the best rider?

    The show in Colorado Springs at Black Sheep provided us with Pita Pit. It was delicious.

    What do you miss most when you're out on tour?

    I miss my family and my dog. I get to speak with them everyday on the phone, which helps.

    What's the first thing you do when you get home from tour?

    We haven't gotten home from tour yet. We've been out since September 8th. But when I do get home, I'm giving everyone hugs that I see and hitting the beach!

    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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