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  • Paul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd Talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades", Epicenter, "re:discovered", and More

    Mon, 18 Jul 2011 08:31:52

    Paul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd Talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades", Epicenter, "re:discovered", and More - Puddle of Mudd talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades" campaign, "re:discovered", Epiceneter, and a whole lot more with ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino...

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    • Puddle of Mudd - Epicenter 2011 Puddle od Mudd
    • Puddle of Mudd - Epicenter 2011 Puddle od Mudd

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    It's crazy to think that Puddle of Mudd's major label debut, Come Clean, is ten-years-old this August.

    So many of the band's peers from the turn of the century have fallen by the wayside, and still Puddle of Mudd keep kicking out the jams. In fact, it feels like the quartet gets catchier and even cleverer with each successive offering. Puddle's best asset remains their uncanny ability to balance heartfelt, hypnotic ballads such as "Blurry" with raucous and slyly funny anthems like "She Hates Me". "Away From Me" sounds as timeless as ever on JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades" viral video, especially alongside cuts from Lita Ford, Candlebox, and Rev Theory. The video's a testament to Puddle's staying power and it's also got some eye-catching "scenery" to boot…

    Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips spoke to ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades" campaign, the band's covers album re:discovered, Epicenter, and so much more.

    What attracted you to the JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades" campaign?

    Anytime you get exposure like it's awesome. It's a crazy, huge campaign that's running in Times Square 24/7. It went viral and got re-posted everywhere after it was released too. To be included in that as the band JVC chose to represent the '00s was an honor. They came to us first as well. They went to a lot of people for the other eras who couldn't get clearance for their music. Luckily, we got clearance for our music so we were allowed to do it. It was an honor to be a part of it.

    Puddle of Mudd is one of the few bands left from that rock explosion at the turn of the century.

    I think about that all the time. August will be the ten-year anniversary of our first record coming out. You're right. There are so many bands who did just one record or single and disappeared. I think about that a lot. We're still doing this after a decade. When we started, I thought we'd be lucky if we had five because it just doesn't happen. We're very fortunate that people still come out when we tour and radio stations pick up our singles.

    What separates the JVC campaign?

    I've never seen anything that included all of these different decades like this before. Obviously, a campaign will include one artist, song, or aspect. This video not only shows the transition of the music and the styles but their equipment as well. The transition from Lita Ford to Rev Theory was very creative and representative.

    "Away From Me" adds a different vibe to the video too.

    It was our decision to use the song. They left it up to us, and the no-brainer is always "Blurry" or "She Hates Me". "Away from Me" was always one of my favorite singles. It was something unexpected that ended up working really well.

    What was your favorite part of the video?

    Probably being done [Laughs]. They gave us a call-time five hours earlier than we had to be there. It's always like that with any video shoot. Being done with our scene was cool. We actually got to go to the Rev Theory party scene. Everyone was having a good time and drinking. We got to let loose there at the end and have a good time.

    Were you swapping stories with everyone on set?

    It was cool! I've known Kevin Martin [Candlebox] for a while. He did some solo stuff and opened up for us back in the day. It was great to catch up with him. I remember hearing Lita Ford growing up. I sat down and talked to her for a bit. It was a cool conversation to see where she was coming from.

    What was your signing story?

    It was great! That's what you always hope for. Myself, I was in college getting ready to graduate. I sat there and thought, "I'm months away from graduating college and looking for a job that's going to make me miserable. I'm headed towards a nine-to-five with a suit and tie behind a desk. I've got to try one more time". I'd been in a gazillion bands in Jacksonville, FL. I went out to L.A. in a last ditch effort. It was a leap of faith. I'd known Fred Durst from growing up in Jacksonville. Our bands played together before Limp Bizkit became huge. I kept in touch with him. He told me about how he was interested in Wes [Scantlin] who didn't have a band at the moment. He suggested I jam and write with him. We did that, and Fred came down, liked what he heard, and signed us. We made a record about a year later. It's a fairy tale story there. Networking pays off, man. There are a lot of kids in the garage who don't know the right people, but they're way better than I am [Laughs].

    Is Epicenter with Limp Bizkit and Staind like a reunion for you?

    I'm stoked about it! It's like our return to L.A. It's cool because the first tour we ever did was with Staind. I haven't seen those guys in forever. I'm sure there will be a lot of catching up and reminiscing. I'm looking forward to it.

    Has making the covers album, re:(disc)overed, inspired new music?

    Doing something like that opens your mind to trying different things. There may be a piano song on the next record, which is something you'd never think you'd hear from Puddle of Mudd in 2001. It's very inspiring, and it takes you in different directions in your head of what this band could do if it wants to. I'm not saying we're going to take a crazy left turn, but it's definitely opened up new avenues. We wanted to say we can do different things, but we are Puddle of Mudd.

    Rick Florino

    Photo Credit: Heather Detert

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