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    Fri, 17 Jul 2009 08:12:42

    Playlist: Adam Brody - The <i>Death In Love</i> star shares his playlist with ARTISTdirect.com in this exclusive feature...he also tells us why Bob Dylan's the man...

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    Adam Brody's feeling quite inspired lately.

    Maybe it's the fact that he's in one of the most intriguing dramas of the year, Death In Love. Or maybe it's because he's got the dark and sexy Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox on the horizon for September. Most likely though, his state of inspiration is because he's going through a series re-education musically.

    " Music is a big part of my life so I try to take it with me in whatever I do. I've been on a real classic rock kick lately though," laughs Brody.

    That "classic rock" kick has inspired him to check out all kinds of stuff that was under his nose for years but he never delved into until now. Brody turned his iPod and gave ARTISTdirect.com an exclusive look at what's rocking his world right now.

    Check out his playlist below and don't miss his incendiary performance in Death In Love out now.

    Adam Brody's Playlist:

    1. Bob Dylan

    Right now, I'm all about Bob Dylan. My brother has seen him a bunch of times and is a huge fan. Obviously I've listened to some stuff over the years. However, it's taken me this long to get very into him. Now that I'm into him, I feel like an idiot for taking 20 million years to do it! He's the coolest guy who ever lived [Laughs]. I really like all of his albums from the '70s. If you're a Bob Dylan fan, you'd know these albums. However, I didn't. I really like John Wesley Harding. I love Blood on the Tracks. I like Self-Portrait. He's got such a huge catalog, and that's what I love about him the most. What a wordsmith, man! Especially on top of good beats and music…I'm not a lyric guy first. I listen to the tune and the lyrics typically grab me after. His lyrics are so amazing that you can't help but be sucked in anyway. He was so young when he was writing about what he was writing about. He's so cool and manly. Poetry about being a hobo—love it.

    2. The French Kicks

    I love them. I can never get sick of The French Kicks! Their latest album is great.

    3. Arctic Monkeys

    Arctic Monkeys released an EP the other day. I totally like the new song they put out. They're as cool as it gets too. They played Saturday Night Live on their first album, and it was so awesome. They played a five-minute song with a huge musical intro and outro. They were so confident and cocky. They just did their thing and rocked so hard! They get really heavy. Interpol is also one of my favorite bands, and I see some similarities between them and Arctic Monkeys. They have these big instrumental buildups and breakdowns but they're all very precise. Even when they trade guitar licks, they'll use two guitars and make one constant sound. I don't how to describe it. I like Arctic Monkeys' song structure among other things. I like that, like Interpol, their stuff gets so heavy and loud but they don't really have to move a lot. They're not playing with a lot of energy. Their music does it all.

    4. Interpol

    Their first album is still the best to me. I love that they haven't put out too much—just three albums and a couple EPs. I like prolific songwriters too. They're the opposite of Bob Dylan. I appreciate his vast song book, but I'm also a fan of economy and believe that sometimes less is more. I appreciate just a solid album a couple of years. I like whittling it down—a small compact collection. I think the same could be said about their music.

    5. Neil Young

    I've been doing Neil Young a lot, especially On the Beach.

    6. Janis Joplin

    I downloaded some Janis Joplin the other day, and it's blowing my mind it's so good. I'd never got into her before now though.

    7. Wilco

    The new Wilco is pretty cool.

    8. My Morning Jacket

    9. The Fleetwoods

    I've been listening to a lot of Doo Wop—soda pop stuff like this band The Fleetwoods. They're from the '40s, and they're amazing. I think they sang "Lollipop" but they have many more songs that are famous. I've been running the whole gamut musically, but I've been going older more recently. If a new band comes out now that I know I like, I'll get it but I've given up trying to keep up with new bands. I don't care about being a "new band guy" anymore. If it's good enough, it'll stand the test of time.

    —Rick Florino

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