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    Fri, 31 Jul 2009 08:55:26

    There's about to be a revolution on the dance floor.

    It's going to come courtesy of two Las Vegas electro rock outlaws known as Afghan Raiders. This duo stirs up a flurry of electronic ecstasy, blending massive infectious hooks with warm sonic flourishes for a sound that's both entrancing and hypnotic. Mikey and Beans elevate electronic music to a whole new plain, and they want to take you to outer space with them. Just crank "Admiral's Doorbell"…

    In order to get closer to their enigmatic sound, we spoke to Mikey and Beans about what they're listening to. Check out their playlists below in this exclusive ARTISTdirect.com feature.

    Don't miss Afghan Raiders!

    Mikey's Playlist:

    1. Madlib"Distant Land"

    Madlib is an artist who redefined the way I listen to music. He is all about the power of the mix and exploring the endless possibilities of mixing and messing with the listener's ears. I find Madlib to be a truly creative, visionary producer, and he is definitely an artist I look to for inspiration when mixing and producing tracks. "Distant Land" is one of many gems on the album Shades of Blue, where Madlib sampled and reworked tracks from Blue Note's catalog. His unique choice of loops and the organic feel and groove of the track take the listener to another universe.

    2. Digitalism — "Pogo (Digitalism's Pogo Robotic Remix)" Digitalism remixed their own track here and came up with an awesome new take on an already great song. Their choice of synths, use of stripped down drums and overall production technicalities never cease to amaze me every time I hear it. These guys are experts in building the energy of a song, and I always find myself listening to them for inspiration.

    3. Late of the Pier — "The Bears Are Coming"

    This is one of my favorite tracks to listen to when I'm out and about, because it's a great soundtrack to the chaotic world around us. It's a haunting, raw, filthy and, somehow, completely harmonious journey from start to finish. It's a beautiful trainwreck...The production is killer thanks to the genius work of Erol Alkan. You never know what to expect with each successive part, but somehow amongst the chaos they tie it all together for a fun, energetic, lovable track. I had the pleasure of seeing these young guns play live in NYC and it was cool to see it all come together on stage.

    4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — "Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix)"

    Here is a track that exemplifies the incredible potential of a remix. Passion Pit took what was the best track off It's Blitz! and completely reinvented it... making a new track that was both better than anything off the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's record and the new Passion Pit record. Their improvisation on the original chord progression is great and the energy makes me want to rage.
    R 5. Danger Mouse & Sparkle Horse — "Revenge" (Featuring Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips)

    I have been playing this song over and over and over again, and it's so damn good. I'm a big fan of artist collaborations, and this track illustrates how three completely different brains can come together to make some magic. I'm also really feeling Wayne's lyrics on this one... it's like I took some crazy experimental Flaming Lips drug and Wayne has totally found his way into my head.

    Beans' Playlist:

    1. Animal Collective"Summertime Clothes"
    R Animal Collective consistently impress me with every album. This song really stuck out to me upon first hearing Merriweather Post Pavillion. The rhythm is very fun and upbeat, and the electronic loops are hypnotic. I also love the harmonizing between Avey Tare and Panda Bear. They have a magical way of blending their melodies.

    2. Yelle — "Mon Meilleur Ami"

    Yelle is hot in every sense of the word. I've had the good fortune of seeing her live twice and, both times, it was a sweaty sexy dance party. You can't help but bust out into a full blown techtonic sesh while listening to her. This track always gets me moving and wishing I spoke French.

    3. LCD Soundsystem — "Yeah (Crass Version)"

    James Murphy is one my biggest inspirations for making dance music. At just under 10 minutes, this track starts off very stripped down and then gradually builds into an intense rager. It houses some of the dirtiest synths and percussion I've ever heard. If you're not flailing your arms and shaking your booty by the six minute mark, you're not alive.
    R 4. No Age — "Teen Creeps"

    A raw track full of energy and youth. This song always makes me want to skate.

    5. Yeasayer — "2080"

    I've loved this song since the first time I heard it. But I didn't fully grasp the intense energy of "2080" until I saw the song performed for La Blogotheque's Take Away Show. The a capella live version (in an apartment in Paris, with the help of a few new friends made on a subway) completely floored me. I felt all the enthusiasm and joy that is uproariously sang post chorus. It's now impossible for me not to sing a long when I hear it.

    —Rick Florino

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