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    Tue, 15 Sep 2009 08:06:47

    Playlist: Chris "Drama" Pfaff - <i>Fantasy Factory</i>'s Chris "Drama" Pfaff opens up his iTunes and shares his playlist with ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino in this exclusive feature...he also talks causing trouble with John Mayer in the booth...

    On Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Chris "Drama" Pfaff spends a lot of time making mischief with his cousin Rob, but he devotes even more of his time to making music.

    Drama has logged time in the studio with Snoop Dogg, The Game, Chris Brown and Keri Hilson, becoming quite the production force in his own right.

    However, if causing trouble were an Olympic sport he and his cousin would definitely be gold medalists.

    When he's not on some crazy suburban Los Angeles mission or in the studio, Drama is cranking his favorite tunes. He opened up his iTunes for ARTISTdirect.com and gave us an exclusive look at what he's spinning. Check out Drama's playlist below and catch him on Fantasy Factory on Thursdays at 9pm!

    Chris "Drama" Pfaff's Playlist:

    1. JeremihJeremih

    Right now, I just hit "pause" on the new Jeremih album. He's the guy who's famous for "Birthday Sex," which was actually charting before he had a deal. That's why they signed him and knocked his shit out right away. I'm actually pretty impressed with the whole record. It's really growing on me. His follow-up single, "I'm a Star," is a banger. I'm backing it!

    2. 50 Cent — "Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)" I'm all over the map, man. I just downloaded the new 50 Cent and Ne-Yo song—"Baby By Me." I feel like 50 might have another hit with this one. I think that Ne-Yo-mainstream power might've done it for him. I like it! I'm looking forward to hearing the whole record.

    3. Jay-ZThe Blueprint 3

    I'm a fan of the new Jay-Z album. It's really good!

    4. Drake — "Forever"

    The new Drake song, "Forever," has been on heavy "repeat" for me. Drake was able to have hit singles, be in videos and establish a name before he even had a deal, which is absolutely insane. To get as far as he did without a label is crazy! My entire existence revolves around having new music to listen to. If I can't find any new music, I'm bored out of my mind. Everywhere I go I hear the same things. I'll get three or four new songs and listen to those for like a week straight until I can get three or four more new tracks. I repeat that cycle over and over [Laughs].

    5. Trey SongzReady

    I just bought the new Trey Songz. I'm not mad at it. I feel like that one has to grow on me. You have to listen to it in the right circumstances—with a girl and a bottle of wine or something [Laughs]. It's pretty serious and love-inspired [Laughs]. It's good! I'm a Trey fan for sure.

    6. John Mayer

    7. Jack Johnson

    Every morning when I'm driving down to the Fantasy Factory and I'm annoyed at life waiting for my coffee to kick in, I'll put on either John Mayer or Jack Johnson. I can't start my day out with Jeremih's "I'm a Star." I have to relate to how I'm feeling at the time.

    8. Young Jeezy

    There are always the Young Jeezy days too!

    9. Jay-Z — Kingdom Come

    This is kind of random, but my favorite Jay-Z album is Kingdom Come. I was having a debate with Rob about it the other day. To be completely honest, when it comes down to Jay-Z as a whole, I'm not an extreme Jay-Z fan. I don't go back and listen to old Jay-Z albums because they're slightly before my time. For some reason, I love the entire Kingdom Come album. It's so strange. It might be because he went with Dr. Dre on a lot of the songs. There's an edge to it that I really like. I said that to Rob, and he said, "Man, he doesn't even have an album called Kingdom Come!" I was like, "Yes, he does!" He responded, "No he doesn't. You're completely mistaken!" It just snuck through though. It has "Lost Ones." The production on the Swizz Beatz song is crazy. Usually his stuff is that sample-heavy Kanye production, but Kingdom Come is all Dre and Swizz Beatz, newer younger producers. It's just a different sound.

    10. Kid Cudi

    I'm really curious about the Kid Cudi record. I like stuff that's left-of-center.

    11. Ini Kamoze"Here Comes the Hot Stepper"

    I've been DJing lately, and I've been going back to old songs that were funny at the time like Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes the Hot Stepper." I remember having that in my tape player on a vacation to Myrtle Beach [Laughs].

    12. Skee-Lo — "I Wish"

    I love that song by Skee-Lo "I Wish."

    13. John Mayer & Rob Dyrdek — "Rob's Mom"

    We did a song for the show with John Mayer that's going to be on this Thursday's episode. It came out really funny, as you can imagine. It's called "Rob's Mom." It's a song apologizing to Rob's mom. Rob and John were on TMZ about a month ago because there were a bunch of Paparazzi outside of a club. Rob and John decided it'd be funny for Rob to act like he was passed out drunk and for John to carry him out of the club. John is just brilliant at that stuff! John was inside the club Twittering that Rob was wasted and he bit into a glowstick [Laughs]. The paparazzi read his Twitter to see what's going on, so they all gathered outside of the club. Rob acted like he couldn't even walk, so it was all over the news and TMZ. It made it all the way back to the Dayton Ohio news—where Rob's mom lives. It said, "Local celebrity almost dies from drinking too much." It was all a complete joke though! Needless to say, his mom got upset. She's real diehard no drinking and no cursing. Rob and John called her, and she yelled at the both of them. So they decided the best way to make up for it was to write a song [Laughs]. It's pretty ridiculous. John is so crazy musically! We were just in there joking around. John can say whatever he wants, and it sounds amazing. From working with him, I saw him do delays and fade outs on his own with his voice not with Pro Tools. He just really understands how it works all the way through. Working with John taught me a lot.

    —Rick Florino

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