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    Wed, 08 Apr 2009 08:16:07

    Playlist: David Carradine - David Carradine shares his playlist with ARTIStdirect.com in this exclusive feature...

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    "It probably sounds strange to you, but I don't actually listen to music," says David Carradine with a heavy dose of sincerity. "When I started writing music, I sort of stopped listening to it. I used to collect LPs. Back in those days, I had tons of them. Then I discovered that I didn't listen to music for entertainment anymore; I only listened to it for information. I'd buy an album, I'd listen to it once and that would be it."

    However, when he does choose to crank some tunes, Carradine's taste is interesting to say the least. The legendary Kung Fu and Kill Bill star does have a favorite spot on the dial when he's cruising around Los Angeles.

    He continues, "When I'm in the car, I listen to 100.3 'The Sound' in L.A. It's very eclectic. It could be country. It could be rock n' roll. It could be pop—almost anything. It's always something you haven't heard before, haven't heard in a long time or rarely hear. So I just put that on. That's about the only thing I'm listening to consistently. My house is full of music all the time though. My wife puts on either some satellite thing or a CD she's got."

    Carradine decided to share a few select favorites with ARTISTdirect.com in this exclusive feature. Check out his playlist below!

    David Carradine's Playlist:

    1. B.B. King

    "My wife and I do listen to a lot of blues. we're both pretty crazy about the blues. Sometimes the blues is some of the happiest stuff you can find. You'll never walk away from a B.B. King concert unhappy."

    2. Seal

    "His album is just dynamite; it's uplifting."

    —Rick Florino

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