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    Thu, 04 Jun 2009 15:12:54

    Playlist: Gallows - Steph Carter of Gallows opens up his blood-smeared playlist and gives us a taste of what rocks his world

    Gallows guitarist Steph Carter, who is the brother of vocalist Frank Carter, may storm the stage and proceed to play some of the most pissed-off, venom n' vingar soaked music to blow out of England since 1977. But offstage, it’s an entirely different story. Carter, who also plays piano, is an avid classical music fan.

    In typical Gallows, “I don’t give a fuck” fashion, Carter isn’t apologizing for what he likes. Instead, he’s celebrating it. He doesn’t care what you think of his musical tastes or his band. And isn’t that the entire spirit of punk rock in the first place? To be free to do what you want, when you want and how you want? The band’s major label debut, Grey Britain, is in stores now and it’s an anarchic chunk o’ punk. It’s not shocking that Carter listens to much more mellow music in his personal life since he’s surrounding by skull-splitting tunes in his band. Without further adieu, here’s what Carter listens to when he wants to come down off a Gallows high.

    Steph Carter's Playlist:

    1. Beethoven

    2. Bach

    3. Black Sabbath

    4. Metallica

    I also went through a phase where I listened to nothing by Metallica and Black Sabbath but now I can’t listen to anything but classical. I sit at home and do that. I went out and bought four Beethoven CDs. It wasn’t Strings in A or Sonatas in B. It was literally just 20-30 tracks done by loads of different people. I bought four of each! So I had different versions of exact same song played by different people!

    — Amy Sciarretto

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