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    Tue, 16 Jun 2009 13:20:42

    Playlist: Green River Ordinance - Guitarist Jamey Ice gives us a peek at what's rocking his world in this exclusive playlist feature

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    Green River Ordinance mix Texas swagger with massive melodies for a brand of infectious pop rock that's as rowdy as a rodeo. On their EMI debut Out of My Hands, the band churns out groove after groove of pure pop gold. Guitarist Jamey Ice sat down with us in this exclusive interview and gave us a look at the music that inspires and influences him. Check out Jamey's playlist below.

    Jamey Ice's Playlist:

    1. My Favorite Highway

    "They're also on Virgin and we listened to them on the drive home last night from Oklahoma. Their album came out yesterday. It's a really cool pop rock record in the vein of Fall Out Boy. It's a really catchy album!"

    2. Thriving Ivory

    "They're another cool pop alternative band. The singer has a crazy voice. He almost sounds like Geddy Lee from Rush. Their single, 'Angels on the Moon,' is massive. Aerosmith wanted to buy the song and do it like 'Don't Wanna Miss a Thing,' but Thriving Ivory wouldn't sell them the song. They wanted to do it themselves. That definitely gives you an idea of what it is. They're a great new band."

    3. Paper Route

    "They're like Radiohead meets Coldplay. I've been listening to them a lot."

    4. Marvin Gaye

    "I got into an old school Motown mood so I was listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson. I don't know why, but I've been stuck on Pandora's Motown channel."

    5. Smokey Robinson

    6. Chuck Berry

    7. U2No Line On the Horizon

    "It's growing on me. I was honestly a little disappointed by it at first compared to the last two records. I'm a huge U2 fan. It's definitely growing on me. The music and instruments are really cool. It's more like the pre-Joshua Tree U2. It doesn't have those massive instantly singable anthem choruses. The more I listen to it the more I like it. The Edge is probably my favorite guitar player of all-time. I love him."

    8. Led Zeppelin

    "They're the reason I play guitar. I got II when I was in sixth grade and 'Heartbreaker' just rocked my world. I grew up listening to blues and classic rock and I probably didn't listen to any new music at all until my senior year of high school."

    9. Stevie Ray Vaughan

    10. Eric Clapton

    "When I was in middle school my dad took me to see Eric Clapton. I grew up listening to that."

    11. Third Eye Blind

    12. Coldplay

    13. Zac Brown

    "It's a southern country Americana record. They're insane musicians."

    14. Tom Petty

    "We're huge Tom Petty fans. If Tom Petty and U2 had a baby hopefully it would be something like our music. We've always tried to be a band that writes songs people can sing to, dance and enjoy.

    15. Kings of Leon

    "It's so good!"

    —Rick Florino

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