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    Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:11:59

    Playlist: Hope Olaide Wilson - The star of Tyler Perry's next comedy, <i>I Can Do Bad All by Myself</i>, gives us a glimpse at some of her favorite tunes

    Hope Olaide Wilson has got the new Black Eyed Peas song, "Boom Boom Pow," stuck in her head at the moment.

    She laughs, "I can't tell if I hate it or I love it, but I'm always singing it!"

    Fergie and Co. tend to have that effect. Hope is the star of Tyler Perry's forthcoming fall comedy, I Can Do Bad All By Myself [Lions Gate], and she happens to have quite a diverse musical palette. In this exclusive feature for ARTISTdirect.com, Hope opened up her iTunes and shared what she's spinning.

    Check out Hope's playlist below and catch her in I Can Do Bad All By Myself this fall!

    Hope Olaide Wilson's Playlist:

    1. Bob Dylan"Ain't Talkin'"

    I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan. One song I really love is about nine minutes long, and it's called "Ain't Talkin'." It's this weird story about walking alone through this mystic garden, and then he gets attacked. It's really cool; it's like a weird fairy tale mystery. It's one of my favorites. The lyrics are amazing, and he's such a great storyteller. It's literally like you're reading a thriller [Laughs].

    2. Dave Matthews Band"Busted Stuff"

    Dave has a song called "Busted Stuff" that I love. I play that one over and over again all the time.

    3. The Fugees"Ready or Not"

    I've been listening to "Ready or Not" a lot. It reminds me of when I first moved to America for some reason. It was played all the time around then.

    4. Nick Drake"Time Has Told Me"

    I love everything he's done. I was introduced to his music on accident, and I was so excited when I heard it. I really wanted to see him in concert, but I found out that he died really young. His music is amazing. My favorite song is called "Time Has Told Me." All of his songs are really haunting and beautiful. He's really talented but not really people know about him, and his music gets passed on by word of mouth. He didn't quite to get to taste his success or how big he'd be. After he died, he sort of became an icon.

    5. Tracy Chapman"The Promise"

    I love "The Promise." It's really pretty and simple. I love songs that tell stories but are beautiful in their simplicity. They can take you somewhere without all of these crazy hooks and beats.

    6. Imogen Heap"Hide and Seek"

    7. Black Eyed Peas — "Boom Boom Pow"

    I can't get this song out of my head! It's constantly playing, and I listen to it at the gym a lot. I can't stop singing it [Laughs].

    8. Metric"White Gold"

    They're this weird retro pop rock band. They've got a song called "White Gold" that I really like.

    9. The Beatles — "Yet to Stay"

    I listen to them again and again!

    10. Coldplay"Swallowed in the Sea"

    Their songs are beautiful. I think I'm going through a weird haunting music phase or something, but I love listening to them [Laughs]. They have this song called "Swallowed In the Sea," and it's just really pretty. I love to sing it all the time.

    11. Counting Crows"Color Blind"

    It's so beautiful! I love this song!

    —Rick Florino

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