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    Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:38:42

    Playlist: <I>Halloween Horror Nights</I> Survival Mix - ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino compiles the perfect survival playlist for Universal Studios' <I>Halloween Horror Nights</I>…

    Surviving Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is not going to be easy this year.

    Chucky's crazy ass will be on the loose, Michael Myers will be only a few steps behind you and Jigsaw will be behind the curtain manipulating every little detail in an attempt to inflict pure punishment on you. Universal has put together what's bound to be their scariest and most fright-tastic Halloween Horror Nights yet, and it all kicks off tomorrow, October 2, after their Chiller Eyegore awards!

    ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino compiled the perfect playlist of songs for you to listen to in order to get pumped up to out run these iconic screen demons. Crank these tunes and you're guaranteed to have enough adrenaline to escape…as long as Jigsaw doesn't plant anything in your car, that is.

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    Halloween Horror Nights Survival Music Mix:

    1. White Zombie"More Human than Human"

    This is the best song for any narrow escape! It's been in more horror movie trailers than we can count including, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, which also has a maze dedicated to it at this year's Halloween Horror Nights. Plus, Mr. Rob Zombie will be present at the Eyegore awards earlier in the evening.

    2. Alice In Chains — "Check My Brain"

    You're going to need to check your brain to make sure it's still there after Michael Myers swings his butcher knife at you! Spin this incredible new Alice In Chains tune at full blast while Michael is coming after you. Jerry Cantrell's guitar is almost as evil as Myers!

    3. Slayer — "At Dawn They Sleep"

    It's Slayer. It's about vampires. It sounds straight up evil. Need I say more?

    4. Pantera — "Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)"

    Wait until the breakdown where Phil Anselmo starts talking—it's the most Satanic interlude you've ever heard, and that riff will get you running from Michael Myers too!

    5. Slipknot — "The Heretic Anthem"

    Slipknot crafted the ultimate anti-everything anthem. The double bass, guitar and vocal assault is so deadly it may just help you get off the Terror Tram trip alive if you play it loud enough. Keeping chanting it over and over again, "If you're 555, then I'm 666…if you're 555, then I'm 6-6-6…"

    6. Devildriver"Pray for Villains"

    With demons all over Universal, you'd better be praying. Devildriver gives the perfect sermon.

    7. Ministry — "Psalm 69"

    Uncle Al feeds us the gospel of industrial metal, and it's oh so filling.

    8. KoRn — "Sean Olsen"

    This eerie early KoRn gem gets really evil, really fast. It's slow, brooding and sick. It's also the perfect soundtrack for trying to weave through Jigsaw's clutches.

    9. Deftones — "Headup"

    This song has one of the most bludgeoning riffs of all time. Vocalist Chino Moreno also bleeds all over the hook alongside Max Cavalera. Their back-and-forth makes for one of the best metal collaborations ever. It's great for dodging the scare zones in Universal as well.

    10. Nine Inch Nails — "March of the Pigs"

    What would any horror playlist be without the prince of pain himself, Trent Reznor? Jigsaw definitely listens to The Downward Spiral.

    11. Type O Negative — "Love You to Death"

    The ultimate in vampire love ditties…

    12. Five Finger Death Punch — "The Bleeding"

    You'll be bleeding inside and out from the Saw maze. Five Finger Death Punch has made the best song to bleed too.

    13. Lady GaGa — "Just Dance"

    The undead like to get down…Home girl will prob have her own maze one year too…

    —Rick Florino

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