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    Fri, 02 Oct 2009 07:07:19

    Playlist: Johann Urb - The <i>Eastwick</i> and <i>2012</i> star gives ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino an in-depth tour of his iPod...

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    Johann Urb just wants to rock!

    The Eastwick and 2012 star has his fair share of heavy metal on his playlist, and it's been quite a big part of his life since growing up in Finland. There's something about hard rock that's always spoken to Johann, and he talked to ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino about its importance in this exclusive playlist feature.

    Check out Johann's playlist below and don't miss him on Eastwick on ABC every Wednesday at 10pm!

    Johann Urb's Playlist:

    1. Metallica

    Growing up in Finland, it was always dark and cold so heavy music spoke to me as a teenager. I still listen to Metallica—they're possibly my favorite band of all time. They're fucking brilliant. I love Death Magnetic. I always felt like, even in the early days, they spoke about important issues. For me, nature and taking care of this planet are crucial so we don't destroy it. In "Blackened," James Hetfield touches on that lyrically. Even though they're a metal band, they talk about how fucked up the government is and they address real issues. When they played Russia for the first time, it was incredible. They were connected to it because they were writing about the man. They're a metal band with a message and deeper meaning. I love that, and it always moves me and rocks me out! As a kid, I would bang my head to the point of neck injury, and there's no better band to do that to than Metallica. I still listen to them when I want to get fired up, work out or punch somebody—or get sentimental and howl at the moon.

    2. Korn

    I think nobody does heavy metal better than Korn does. Mixing the DJ factor in and tuning their instruments down, their music is so rad! They can do wrong. It's great Krav Maga music too!

    3. Krishna Das

    I've got Krishna Das on my playlist. It's spiritual chanting music, and I love that as well as heavy metal. I could listen to that all day long. When I was living in New York, I went to a lot of Kirtan. It's awesome. Krishna is mindblowing! The man has made my heart open with his chants. I've seen him live more than any other artist. If I had one artist's music to take to a deserted island with me, this would be it. I would be chanting and chanting until I die.

    4. Tool

    I love Tool. Those guys are just true artists! Every time I listen to Tool, I find new nuances. Their videos are amazing. They dare to be different and brutally honest. They sing songs that are really morose and crazy, but a lot of the time, I feel the same way they do. Every song is a journey. It's artistic and meaningful metal that's innovative, interesting and moving.

    5. Wah!

    It's amazing melodies, chants, dance and vocals! I could listen to them all day long. It makes me smile, and it makes me happy.

    6. The Black Eyed Peas

    They make me want to move and groove. It's innovative, positive and fun!

    7. The Matrix — Soundtrack

    The Matrix soundtrack with Deftones and Rage Against the Machine is so badass.

    8. Slipknot

    When I listen to some of their songs like "Duality," I just get crazy chills. I like the Stone Sour records too.

    9. Alice In Chains

    They're one of my favorite bands ever. Their dark and moody metal is classic and eternal, but rocks your socks off.

    10. Breaking Benjamin

    11. Disturbed

    12. Faith No More

    They're amazing!

    13. Godsmack

    14. Helmet

    15. Ministry

    16. Pantera

    I've got a lot of Pantera on my playlist.

    18. Queens of the Stone Age

    I love Queens of the Stone Age. I feel like everything's been done, but they're still original. Every song is different and cool. I'm so thankful for those guys. Songs for the Deaf is awesome.

    19. Prong

    20. Sepultura


    21. Sevendust

    22. Stone Temple Pilots

    23. Reket

    My cousin's Estonian rap is super awesome, especially if you can understand Estonian. I dare you to learn it—double, triple dare [Laughs]!

    24. Brothers Urb

    The songs by my dad and uncle are always touching and close to the heart. My favorite is "Ipanema Speaking."

    —Rick Florino

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