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  • Playlist: Mike White and Jared Hess of Gentlemen Broncos

    Fri, 30 Oct 2009 12:17:29

    Playlist: Mike White and Jared Hess of <I>Gentlemen Broncos</I> - <I>Gentlemen Broncos</I>', Mike White and Jared and Jerusha Hess sit down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and <I>Dolor</I> author Rick Florino for this exclusive interview about what music they're listening to…

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    "I'm never going to stop rocking," laughs Mike White.

    The Gentlemen Broncos star has no reason to ever stop, especially now that he's played the film's wild-maned Dusty. With long flowing locks and a skill with oversized spitball straws, Dusty is quite "rock n' roll." He's the kind of guy you'd see outside of an Iron Maiden show double-fisting two Pabst Blue Ribbons and throwing up the horns, yet Mike imbues a strange calm into the character. It's that zen which allows for the biggest laughs.

    However, Mike wasn't the only rocker on set. Filmmaker Jared Hess [Napoleon Dynamite] also has a soft spot for some good ole fashion distortion. Mike and Jared sat down with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for this exclusive interview about what's on their playlists. It gets you closer to Gentlemen Broncos, and it gets loud!

    Check out their playlists below and in the video, and don't miss Gentlemen Broncos in theaters now!

    Mike White's Playlist:

    1. Genesis

    Mike White: The '80s hair band music that Jared has peppered throughout this soundtrack has now become my iPod playlist. I'm having a Genesis season [Laughs].

    2. Journey

    3. Whitesnake

    Mike White: There are so many good ones! I was in L.A. during the '80s, and it was never better than that. That was the heyday on the sunset strip. Jared Hess's Playlist:

    1. Scorpions

    2. Black Sabbath

    3. Ozzy Osbourne

    Jared Hess: I like old stuff—Scorpions, Black Sabbath, and all the goodies. You've got to get a little Ozzy in there, man. The film is an eclectic hot mess of lots of stuff. The characters are so different it warrants a lot of different genres of music.

    Rick Florino

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