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    Sun, 31 May 2009 01:40:08

    Playlist: Paul Ben-Victor - Paul Ben-Victor shows his funky side in this exclusive playlist feature…

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    Paul Ben-Victor is always down to dance. The In Plain Sight star laughs, "I'm a big funk and disco dude! I've been throwing parties for years at my house!'

    However, the partying extends beyond the homestead for the actor. Paul cultivated his love for funk and dance music in some of the hottest night spots. "I worked at clubs and discos around the world in the '80s doing wild face painting. It was a whole crazy life. That's another interview [Laughs]. We designed a kit called 'Art Eyes,' and it was Bloomingdale's and Macy's everywhere. I loved to dance—especially in those days. It's in my blood somewhere."

    Paul opened up his iTunes once again for ARTISTdirect.com in this exclusive feature. He shared his favorite dance, funk, R&B and jazz tunes. Check out his list below!

    Also, be sure to catch Paul's standout episode on In Plain Sight, entitled "One Night Stan." It sheds a whole lot of light on Paul's character, and it's an edge-of-your-seat nailbiter of an episode. Be sure to watch it on USA May 31st 2009.

    Paul Ben-Victor's Playlist:

    1. Central Line — "Walking Into Sunshine"

    "It's a great late '70s, early '80s dance tune."

    2. Johnny Blas — "Mas Azucar"

    "This has a Latin groove played with a standup bass. I'm really into Latin music too."

    3. Michael Jackson — "In the Closet (Club Edit)"

    "This is a rare tune that not many people have heard. It's a great club edit of the song. It's clearly not a big hit, but DJs know it. I put it on my list because I just love it!"

    4. One Way — "You Can Do It"

    "This is one of the best party dance songs. If you ever have a dance party at your house, put 'In the Closet' and this song together. When you hear it, you've just got to get up and groove to it!"

    5. Evelyn "Champagne" King — "Love Come Down"

    "This is one of the greatest!"

    6. Carrie Lucas — "Show Me Where You're Coming From"

    "It's got a slap bass lick to it. It's just fuckin' orgasmic old groove disco [Laughs]."

    7. Kool and the Gang — "Love Festival"

    "I love Kool and the Gang, and I had to pick one of their songs. This is a really festive tune."

    8. DeBarge — "Stop! Don't Tease Me"

    "They're one of my favorites! It's another great song."

    9. Shalamar — "A Night to Remember"

    "When my friends and I hear this shit, it brings us back to those days when we were in clubs until three in the morning dancing with one of our first girlfriends. There was nothing better party-wise than this music. There was a time there, and there was innocence to the disco days with the mirror ball. Hip hop is great. Eminem is the bomb. He's a genius. I'd love to see what he would do with a percussion piece because rhythmically he fucks with any other hip hop artist! His stories are incredible. I just watched a little piece of 8 Mile. No other rapper can come close rhythmically. He's on another planet, and he invents rhythms. In some ways, I love dancing to hip hop more than anything."

    10. Angelique Kidjo — "Goddess of the Sea"

    "This song is just awesome. She's an African singer. There are all of these great instruments and drums. She's got a serious groove, and you can dance to the music."

    11. George Michael — "I Want Your Sex 1 & 2"

    "Fuckin' George Michael, 'I Want Your Sex' [Laughs]. These are some of the best two tunes to play!"

    12. Eddie Harris — "Freedom Jazz Dance"

    "It's a really great song."

    13. Prince — "D.M.S.R."

    "I had to throw a Prince song in. I didn't want to put down 'Kiss' because everyone knows that song. This is one of my favorites! I just saw him last month. He did three live shows at three different venues in one day. He went from Club Nokia to The Conga Room to the Nokia Theater. He did a show at seven, nine and midnight. Totally different band and totally different set list each one! He puts on one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Genius!

    —Rick Florino

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