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    Wed, 17 Jun 2009 10:41:34

    Playlist: Tanna Frederick - <i>Irene In Time</i>'s Tanna Frederick shares her playlist with ARTISTdirect.com in this exclusive feature

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    "I want to warn you about my playlist first," laughs Irene In Time star Tanna Frederick. "I'm like 'Miss-obscure-song-mixer.' I'm a runner and a surfer, so I love putting two hours worth of songs on a playlist then going on a super-long run. I love giving those mixes to my friends too. I have these really great playlists that reflect my tastes. Some people do yoga to relax, but I make iMixes [Laughs]. "

    Tanna's got quite a unique way of relaxing, but from her poignant and passionate performance in Irene In Time, audiences shouldn't expect anything run-of-the-mill from such a vibrant talent. In Irene In Time, her presence is simply riveting, conveying a whole bevy of emotions. It's no surprise that her musical taste is just as diverse as that performance style.

    She shared her playlist with us in this exclusive feature. Check it out below and don't miss Tanna in Irene In Time!

    Tanna Frederick's Playlist:

    1. Soul Coughing — "Super Bon Bon"

    I love all of the mixes from The Sopranos. You can go on iTunes, look under the iMixes and see that people have made Sopranos mixes from the shows. All of the songs have been featured on the show at one point or another. Soul Coughing has this song called "Super Bon Bon" on there. It's a lot of bass. Since Tony Soprano spends a lot of time in strip clubs, it's all that stripper stuff [Laughs]. David Chase picked all the music, and it's great—particularly "Super Bon Bon."

    2. Dean Martin

    I'm also a big fan of Dean Martin. I think they might've used "Volare" on The Sopranos. I absolutely adore Dean Martin. He's one of the sexiest crooners because of his ironic wit and subdued character. He's just fantastic. You can't beat his voice or his sense of humor. He and Jerry Lewis were just incredible together.

    3. Paul Simon

    I grew up in Iowa listening to Simon & Garfunkel with my parents. I'm more of a fan of Paul Simon's Graceland album though. I love the song "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes." I love all of the songs on that record. He went to Africa and used some indigenous tribe to do all of the back-up singing. It's absolutely incredible.

    4. White Zombie"More Human Than Human"

    The surfing and tae kwon doe part of me kind of goes crazy for White Zombie [Laughs]. I can play "More Human Than Human" twelve times in a row and not get tired of it and then blast it out for twelve more times! I love rocking out to White Zombie. It's the best music to work out to; it gets the adrenaline pumping. A reunion would be great! Let's start a Facebook group saying, "Come back, White Zombie!" [Laughs] We can be co-presidents of it.

    5. Tom Buckley — "Chase the Blues Away"

    I pick out certain songs from the indie scene, and he has a beautiful song called "Chase the Blues Away." It's really full of melancholy and longing.

    6. Christopher Cross — "Sailing"

    I love his "Sailing" song! I listened to that while I was on set for Irene In Time. When I was a kid, my dad and I actually sailed a lot on this lake in Iowa. You know when you have that pristine response to a song where you hear it and it reminds you of your childhood? Your whole body just relaxes and you can smell the water and the air and feel the sun setting. That's one of my favorites.

    7. Latryx — "Lady Don't Take No"

    They're so good! Once you start listening to their music, it's just addictive.

    8. Beast"Mr. Hurricane"

    It's very heavy with a lot of bass. It's like White Zombie somehow mixed with R&B and rap. I don't know how to describe it. "Mr. Hurricane" is my favorite song by them.

    9. Lonely Island"I'm On a Boat"

    Their videos are hilarious! I love them. Some their stuff is just pee-your-pants great.

    10. Mickey Avalon"Jane Fonda"

    It's pretty catchy!

    11. Leonard Cohen — "Boogie Street"

    I love this song! His voice is totally hypnotic. It's lower than low. He has the lowest voice I've ever heard. It sounds like he's not even putting any effort into it [Laughs]. He knows how to do it without pushing it.

    12. Bobby McFerrin

    He did "Don't Worry Be Happy." He does the music with just his voice and he mixes it with 12 a capella tracks of his own voice and one of them he has Yo-Yo Ma. The stuff he does vocally is absolutely breathtaking. It's just gorgeous.

    13. Chet Baker

    I love Chet Baker—"My Funny Valentine," "Not For Me" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." He was so mournful, melancholy and haunting. Listening to Chet Baker and unwinding is incredible.

    14. Phoenix

    I just downloaded them last week. I really love them. They sound borderline pop mainstream, but their lyrics are powerful without being hit-you-over-the-head powerful.

    15. Lex Land

    She is incredible! She sounds like a more sultry and seductive Mazzy Star. She does this one song "Habanera" from the musical Carmen. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I was a huge Mazzy Star in high school. She's got a Mazzy Star thing going on that's different but still intoxicating!

    —Rick Florino

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