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    Thu, 14 May 2015 14:46:18

    Q&A: Take Aim with Lost Element -

    Get lost, get found, then hear new song "Twenty Five."

    Today, we're Taking Aim against Houston alt-pop band Lost Element. Everyone in the band participated, so the proportions were a bit unfair, as in us vs. them, but who cares? The more, the merrier, and we ain't talkin' 'bout Christmas, yo!

    Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! GO!

    Houston-based alt pop band with a diverse background of artistic influences. Moving people through music is what drives us as a band.

    If you were not doing music, you would be…

    Omar (Lead Vocals): I would have to say a filmmaker.
    Brian (Drums Backup Vocals): A Business Owner
    Trace (Lead Guitar) Backup Vocals): A Chef
    Frank (Keys, Guitar, Backup Vocals): Graphic designer
    Kenny (Bass): Super Hero

    Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

    Omar (Lead Vocals): Can Solve a rubix cube
    Brian (Drums Backup Vocals): Loves outdoor activities, Boating, Biking, Snowboarding. Graduated with his Finance Degree.
    Trace (Lead Guitar) Backup Vocals): Played Olympic development Soccer.
    Frank (Keys, Guitar, Backup Vocals): Can ride a unicycle.
    Kenny ( Bass): Speaks three languages.

    Pick ONE song one your record and share a writing or recording story. Something intimate, that you haven't told anyone else (or at least a bunch of writers or journalists) and that which puts us in the moment with you. Let's get intimate, shall we?

    'Echoes of the Night' is one of our favorite lyrical songs on the album. It speaks to remembering a special person in your life and places that remind you of that person, in the same way that a song brings back memories. It was a personal, nostalgic song for all of us, and maybe that is why we struggled to get the words right.

    After hours and pages of attempts, we just couldn't make the lyrics say what we needed them to say. Our producer, Bryce Bordone, had flown into town to finishing recording the record with us. The next morning, we all jumped a car and headed to the studio. We had 45 minute drive ahead of us. It takes that long to get anywhere in Houston.

    And then it just happened. We cleared our heads, started over, and finished writing all the lyrics by the time we pulled into the parking lot. It was an amazing creative experience to see how quickly a song can come to life in a car!

    Finish this sentence: Lost Element is the artist that…

    … works hard to create high-energy memorable shows and songs for our awesome fans.

    —Amy Sciarretto

    Lost Element's most recent single, "Twenty Five" is available now. Look for their new album later this year.

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