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  • Q&A: Take Aim with Steve Hewitt of Love Amongst Ruin

    Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:53:14

    Q&A: Take Aim with Steve Hewitt of Love Amongst Ruin -

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    Get to know him!

    Steve Hewitt of Love Amongst Ruin, and formerly of Placebo, is the latest artist to Take Aim with us.

    The new album is Lose Your Way but you are about to find LAR.

    He has quite a backstory and find out what hot rods have to do with it.

    To say he is a man of many talents would be like saying Angelina Jolie is average looking. It's an understatement.

    Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! GO!

    Steve Hewitt, Breed/Boo Radleys/K-Klass then Placebo writer/producer/drummer for 12 years. Frontman in LAR, new album Lose Your Way out now.

    If you were not doing music, you would be…

    If I was not doing music I would probably be a race car engineer, this is something I was training for when I left school. I started working with a team who raced historic sports cars such as Chevron B8, B19 and B16, also old Lola's too. For one of my exams, I had to strip down and rebuild the engine in a £300,000.00 Aston Martin DB5 and then start it up while the owner was standing next to me. I did it and it worked, but I've never been so under pressure and then relieved.

    Then, I was asked to start training for the Williams F1 race team which I was quite into, I did a couple of seasons in the pit crew as well, the possibilities were endless and it could have been a great thing to do. It's a very high pressure job and something I could have handled.

    But I was doing music all the time that I was working with cars so I was leaving work and then going to rehearse with bands all night and then back to work and it just came to a point where I had to make a decision which career path I was going to follow and it just had to be music.

    Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

    Well I grew up in a very industrious family, generations of working men and women with a huge variety of skills and talents so I was exposed to, and was taught, many different skills, from engineering to building to electrical work.

    I obviously have retained a lot of what I grew up with and I'm currently applying most of these skills at the moment to renovating my English 15th century family home.

    Also on top of that, and before I was working with race teams, I became a picture framer and something I really enjoyed was learning to become a sign writer. I was lucky enough to be taught by one of the last proper craftsmen of the time just as new technology turned sign making into applying stickers to wood panels. Also I can juggle…

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