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  • Randy Couture of "The Expendables" Talks Sylvester Stallone, AC/DC and More

    Tue, 23 Nov 2010 09:00:58

    Randy Couture of "The Expendables" Talks Sylvester Stallone, AC/DC and More - Randy Couture breaks down "The Expendables" in this exclusive in honor of the film's DVD release November 23, 2010!

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    In honor of The Expendables, which is exploding onto retail shelves in DVD format this week, ARTISTdirect contributor Amy Sciarretto engaged in a verbal tete a tete with action star Randy Couture, who played "Toll Road" in the film, about all things "expendable"; life on set with Sylvester Stallone; and why chicks might like the film as much as the men in their lives.

    Is there going to be a sequel for The Expendables?

    If they are working on the script for the sequel, I may have heard that we will shoot in March in the Spring. I've not seen it but it is in the works and I am sure juggling it and figuring it out – how to get all these guys to come back together— that'll be the tricky part.

    What were you favorite scenes in the movie?

    Gosh, I had a lot of fun doing a bunch of the stuff. I enjoyed the fight scenes in the tunnel and I enjoyed the physical part of doing that. I was most nervous and keyed up about my scene with the ear and the dialogue, but I am happy how it came out. In the director's cut, you see that whole rant that Sly had me do. The crescendo is the fight with Steve Austin!

    Which of the iconic action stars in the film –Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Stone Cold Steve Austin, there are so many!— is your personal favorite?

    Sly... I mean, he was Rocky and Rambo and those were the action movies that resonated. A lot of us were pinching ourselves, asking ourselves if we were really there.

    Sly'ss like 64 and still kicking ass! What did you learn about him?

    Rocky is that one character that he played, where everyone assumes he all like, ‘Yo Adrienne!' Anyone who meets him and spends time figures out that he is witty and clever, and an intelligent guy. That was something that I figured out about him and it didn't take me long. I didn't have ideas that he wasn't smart, because you don't do what he has done for 30 years and not have a lot going on in your brain.

    When The Expendables came out, it went head to head with Eat.Pray.Love. It was the action flick vs. the Julia Roberts chick flick, with your film eventually winning the week's box office. Did you guys ever think this film would do as well as it did?

    I know the cast members thought it was special, being part of it and coming together. If the public is digging is always the question. People were hedging money and hoping everyone would dig it and that they would like the style and the retro feel of the film. We were not shocked or terribly surprised about the outcome.

    What else do you have going on in the next few months?

    I am working with Bruce Willis and I have a few scripts that I am looking at and reading while I am figuring out my next project. I am being diligent to pick the right things.

    What's on your holiday wish list?

    Ha! Man, I have been on the road so it'll be nice to be home, sleep in my bed and relax.

    Do you think The Expendables appeals to women on any level?

    A number of women enjoy the action genre and seeing a bunch of dudes running around doing guy stuff. Girls are interested in this film since it had a sideline to it, like some of the love interests with [Jason] Statham and there is the angle of big burly guys rescuing a girl. That's not a story that girl's won't like.

    What music did you rock when filming The Expendables?

    I spent my share of hours in my trailer with my iPod. I listened to some country, since I went to college in Oklahoma at Oklahoma State. I grew up in Seattle, during the '80s, so I like '80s hip hop and rock, and some R&B. I was in the service for six years and traveled, and got into R&B and dance. It's very strange. It seems to go in phases. It's not set all the time. I go on kicks.

    What 80s rock song defines The Expendables?

    "Back in Black" by AC/DC.

    —Amy Sciarretto

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