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  • Read Brian Eno's Reflection Of 2016 As He Looks Toward The New Year

    Tue, 03 Jan 2017 09:05:01

    Read Brian Eno's Reflection Of 2016 As He Looks Toward The New Year -

    On January 1st, 2017, Brian Eno released "Reflection", another album in his long line of ambient work. The album is available in all of the usual formats with the addition of an iOS app that also provides a visual aspect to the piece. As an app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, "Reflection" offers music and a regenerative art piece of gradually shifting colors and shapes and promises to play forever - and it's a thing of soothing and sombering beauty.

    In typical Brian Eno fashion, the producer, artist did not issue the typical industry hype around his new release. Instead, he elected to write an open letter reflecting the state of the world as he saw it at the close of 2016.

    "The consensus among most of my friends seems to be that 2016 was a terrible year, and the beginning of a long decline into something we don't even want to imagine.

    2016 was indeed a pretty rough year, but I wonder if it's the end - not the beginning - of a long decline. Or at least the beginning of the end….for I think we've been in decline for about 40 years, enduring a slow process of de-civilisation, but not really quite noticing it until now. I'm reminded of that thing about the frog placed in a pan of slowly heating water…"

    Whilst it appears that Eno, a well known activist and outspoken political thinker, has been disturbed by previous years of unfolding conflict he remains optimistic and characteristically well-measured, concluding his letter; "This is the start of something big. It will involve engagement: not just tweets and likes and swipes, but thoughtful and creative social and political action too. It will involve realising that some things we've taken for granted - some semblance of truth in reporting, for example - can no longer be expected for free. If we want good reporting and good analysis, we'll have to pay for it. That means MONEY: direct financial support for the publications and websites struggling to tell the non-corporate, non-establishment side of the story. In the same way if we want happy and creative children we need to take charge of education, not leave it to ideologues and bottom-liners. If we want social generosity, then we must pay our taxes and get rid of our tax havens. And if we want thoughtful politicians, we should stop supporting merely charismatic ones.

    Inequality eats away at the heart of a society, breeding disdain, resentment, envy, suspicion, bullying, arrogance and callousness. If we want any decent kind of future we have to push away from that, and I think we're starting to.

    There's so much to do, so many possibilities. 2017 should be a surprising year."

    Read the letter in full on the Official Brian Eno Facebook page.

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    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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