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  • RED Guitarist Anthony Armstrong Goes Through "Release the Panic" Track-By Track, Stream Album

    Mon, 04 Feb 2013 07:56:39

    RED Guitarist Anthony Armstrong Goes Through "Release the Panic" Track-By Track, Stream Album - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

    "The approach was simple," RED guitarist Anthony Armstrong says of the band's new epic, Release the Panic [iTunes link]. "We didn't want to write the same ten songs we have written on the last three records. That gets boring and to static for our taste. We wanted to strip away certain elements in certain songs to get down to the bare bones of the track. We also didn't want to stray away from what we know our fans love about our music so there were also certain tracks that just felt like they needed the more typical 'Red' feel with a big sonic landscape of strings and piano wrapped around melodic poetry. We chose to work with producer Howard Benson because we know that he is a master of this approach and felt like he understood very early on that this is what we wanted to do."

    As a result the album breathes with palpable vitality, and it's RED's most alive work yet. We've got an exclusive album stream of the entire record so you can hear it yourself but we also asked Armstrong to outline the story behind each song in this exclusive feature.


    "Release The Panic"

    Anthony Armstrong: "The song is a statement about the condition of the world and where we find ourselves in that condition. We just wanted to write this song from the perspective of someone that is under a great deal of anxiety. There's not a lot of time for poetry and being melodic with a subject like panic. This song gets right to the point...fast."

    "Perfect Life"

    Anthony Armstrong: "All the media out there have a way of portraying what they believe to be the perfect life—exactly what it will take for each of us to be happy. We would rather determine and discover what makes us feel complete on our own rather than falling for what the rest world says and has to offer in the way of happiness. This idea felt like it was a great fit for a straight up rock track so that's how we approached writing it."

    "Die For You"

    Anthony Armstrong: "We have all been in a place that feels like no matter what we do and how much we show we care for someone they still never understand exactly how far our love for them will go, 'I would die for you.' This song started off with a lot of heavily programmed beats and we liked the direction because it is a bit of a new vibe for us."


    Anthony Armstrong: "We sing about the damage we do as human beings but character is defined by how we repair the damage. If you use the word 'damage' in a song, it's going to be heavy. It's the heaviest one yet in all the right ways."

    "Same Disease"

    Anthony Armstrong: "This track is about leveling the field. Regardless if we are believers in a higher power or not, the bottom line is that we are all infected with falling short as human beings. Much like 'Die For You', this track stared off with a programmed beat that just felt great and the song was literally birthed from that."

    "Hold Me Now"

    Anthony Armstrong: "When we are falling and reaching the point where we are at the bottom we need someone to catch us. It's a place we have all been. It's encouraging to know that there is someone that will be stronger than we can be for ourselves at that moment. We definitely wanted this song to be a ballad. Based on the subject matter, it just felt natural."

    "If We Only"

    Anthony Armstrong: "Being burnt by someone isn't the best feeling. This song talks about the 'what if' factor. If we could just get over all the hate and the pain, how much better off would we be? There is a bit of angst in this song. It felt natural to make it heavy. It's also the fastest tempo we have ever written a song to. You will also hear our typical string elements in this track. We felt like it was a good fit."

    "Glass House"

    Anthony Armstrong: "As transparent as a glass house would be, in our eyes we know there is still something to be seen within us. Where humanity sees us through those clears walls, God can see even deeper into our hearts.This track felt great as a mid tempo rock track. The string element in this song also just felt right. This was one of the first tracks that was written almost a year-and-a-half ago."

    "So Far Away"

    Anthony Armstrong: There are times regardless of how hard we fight it that we just feel like we've drifted so far away from what we used to be...it's frustrating because sometimes we don't really remember where it all went wrong and how we get back to that place and go a different direction. This subject matter felt like it needed to be wrapped in a ballad. The slower tempo and feeling felt right, but we juiced it up with heavier guitars than a typical striped down ballad. The bridge is where it seems to turn around and we discover a way to get back to where we want to be."

    "The Moment We come Alive"

    Anthony Armstrong: "We say goodbye to our previous life and look forward to new beginnings. This is the anthem on the record. We share in this feeling with all those that choose to start over. The chorus of this song literally made this song what it is—uplifting.

    Rick Florino

    What's your favorite RED song?

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    ALSO: MONDAY FEB 4th @ 9pm (ET)/8pm (CT) - LIVE! join RED for a very special Release the Panic event - they will perform songs from the new album & answer your questions! Submit your questions on Twitter using #askred!See the band's Facebook for details.

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