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  • Red Talk "Feed the Machine" Music Video Premiere on ARTISTdirect.com

    Fri, 03 Jun 2011 12:08:38

    Red Talk "Feed the Machine" Music Video Premiere on ARTISTdirect.com - In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino...

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    "When somebody asks us what kind of music we play, we say 'Cinematic'," laughs Red guitarist Anthony Armstrong.

    Red's latest album, the chart-topping Until We Have Faces, is just as much of an event as any blockbuster this year. Built on robust riffs and hauntingly hypnotic choruses, Until We Have Faces remains a landmark for Red thus far and one of the best hard rock records of 2011. Continuing that "cinematic" tradition, the band will premiere an utterly epic music video for "Feed the Machine" via ARTISTdirect.com this Monday June 6th, 2011. They tell a story over the course of the video, and it has to be seen.

    In order to prepare the world for the release of the music video, Anthony Armstrong spoke to ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about the story behind the video, the parallels Until We Have Faces shares with post-apocalyptic flicks, and so much more in this exclusive interview!

    Check back on Monday June 6th, 2011 for the world premiere of the "Feed the Machine" music video!

    Watch the video here!

    What was the inspiration for the "Feed the Machine" video?

    We're movie fanatics! "Feed the Machine" is an intense song, and we wanted the video to be equally if not more intense than the actual song itself is. The band actually came up with the idea. It wasn't anything that we got a treatment for from a director. The idea belonged to us. We teamed up with the Irwin Brothers and gave them the vision of what we wanted to do. It's a pretty intense video [Laughs].

    What fostered that idea?

    We took a metaphorical stance with the song. In the song, "The Machine" is the world. It's more metaphoric, but the video is more literal. We actually use a machine and you see people being fed into it. More or less, the song is a metaphor for what the world is—how we feed those ideals and all of the bad things and how they just keep happening because we continue to fuel the fire. The video was basically people being fed into the machine and coming out shallow and hollow on the other end. They're all mindless drones to be assigned their job in the world.

    They certainly brought your vision to life.

    It was definitely a challenge. We told the directors exactly what we wanted to do, and they did a great job. The location really helped a lot. Everything turned out amazing.

    Where was the location?

    We went to Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. It's a historical iron smelt. I think it was shut down in 1981. It stopped working then, but it was opened in the 1800s. It's very historical and has a really creepy vibe. We've always liked the creepier stuff. The opening scene is in the old steam tunnel. They would send all of the steam through that tunnel to release the gas.

    No one is telling stories via music videos anymore.

    Everything is so viral nowadays. People turn to YouTube because videos are basically dead on television. MTV is no longer MTV, and VH1 is no longer VH1. Unless you're at The Jersey Shore drinking a thousand beers, no one is really going to pay attention [Laughs]. Instead everybody is linking everything together online. We put the video out there and make it a heavily viral thing. A normal music video isn't nearly as long as this one turned out to be. We didn't have any constraints or anything like that. We knew it was going on the Internet, and wanted to make it as long as it needed to be. We're really excited to see what the feedback is. It was a pretty intense video in general. There's an element of torture. We've always had a taste for the theatrical. For us, this was not a departure at all. Hopefully, viewers understand and see what the video is basically pointing out. It shows people where we were when the idea was formed for the whole "Feed the Machine" concept.

    Are you guys big sci-fi fans?

    Not really, we like the post-apocalyptic thing. It's that end of the world scenario where it's all coming to an end. That's the vain we're in. There's a little bit of a sci-fi vibe there. We're almost on a spaceship, but you can look at however you want.

    Which movies do you tend to come back to?

    This one had a Terminator Salvation- or The Book of Eli-vibe. Terminator Salvation is the perfect example of a movie where the bombs have fallen and civilization is gone. In this video, civilization exists, but it's broken down to the point where everyone is controlled. It's a bold statement that we're trying to make.

    The music video could be expanded into a movie.

    I'm so excited to hear what people have to say. I wonder if they're going to say, "You guys should keep going!" I'm hoping fans make their own version of the video. I'm curious to see if anyone will make a home video of the sequel [Laughs].

    Where are you going next musically? Are you jotting down any ideas for the next album?

    That's always something we're doing! We don't really like to wait until we have two or three weeks to turn in a record to our label. The gears are always turning, and we're always writing and being as creative as we can. It's not something we turn off. We've already discussed ideas for songs on the fourth record. We're trying to focus heavily on this release for now.

    If you were to compare Until We Have Faces to a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

    We're pretty big Transformers fans; we like that vibe! We've always been told that our records have a very cinematic feel. Our music has the ebb and flow of a symphony with the heavy riffs. It lends itself to epic music soundtracks. I'd say Transformers, Terminator, or anything with crazy action.

    Rick Florino

    Are you excited to see the "Feed the Machine" music video on Monday June 6th on ARTISTdirect.com?

    For more Red, check out our interview with singer Michael Barnes here!

    Watch the video here!

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