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    Wed, 16 Sep 2009 14:26:59

    Review: <I>Paranormal Activity</I> - ARTISTdirect.com editor Rick Florino dissects, <I>Paranormal Activity</I>, one of the scariest films of all-time, in this exclusive review feature…

    Paranormal Activity 5 out of 5 Stars

    There is something divinely ungodly at the heart of Paranormal Activity.

    The camera moves like a wraith around the claustrophobic home of Micah and Katie, a seemingly happy young couple who are having some trouble sleeping. Katie feels like something is going on when she goes to sleep. She can't explain or describe it, so Micah buys a camera to videotape he and his beau as they rest. The camera captures what's really happening.

    Paranormal Activity is the archival footage of the torment that Micah and Katie undergo. To break down this film to nuts and bolts wouldn't do it any justice. It's a hypnotic and harrowing horror classic as a whole. It needs to be experienced with as little background information as possible. Go into it blindly and come out witnessing true evil.

    Groundbreaking and visionary, this epic guarantees nightmares. Micah and Katie are experiencing something neither of them can understand or explain, but Micah can't stop filming. Sometimes it's as simple as a door opening without any assistance, and other times, it's a Ouija board bursting into flames by itself. However, each nuance is paced in a fashion that ensures a raw, real encroaching terror. The creaky floors in the house, the trails of footsteps and every other detail point towards something dangerous. The editing allows each thrill to breathe and build, while closing in closer to something in the shadows—then disappearing.

    Micah becomes addicted to capturing whatever this is. Perhaps it's simple alpha male braggadocio or plain old insecurity. The weirder things get, the more he becomes obsessed with filming. He tells Katie to "Kiss the camera" at one point. His camera's become an extension of him, and it's the only way he can communicate with his significant other. She can't stand it. In fact, she hates it as much as whatever is plaguing her at night. The breakdown in their relationship from happy to hateful is just as terrifying as the realistic "bumps in the night" they keep experiencing. The human side of this story remains palpable throughout. This could happen…

    Katie and Micah's reactions coupled with the sound design create an atmosphere of true terror. With the home video aesthetic, this is Youtube and Facebook nation's answer to The Blair Witch Project. However, this film hits a lot closer to home. Not many people get lost in the woods, but many have difficulty sleeping. If they do already, it'll be even worse after this.

    Katie's fear is truly tangible. She retreats like a child as things get worse and worse at night, and as she loses it, the audience loses it with her. It's easy to lose your grip on reality as the shots get tighter and we get closer to these characters on the brink of the supernatural. The film is so hypnotic and intimate that it's impossible to turn away. This is the most terrifying film of 2009. A phenomenal and powerful thriller, it's one of the best movies this year, unforgettable and inspired terror.

    Heaven for horror fans…

    —Rick Florino

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