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  • Set Your "House" On Fire — DJs You Need To Know Featuring Deadmau5, David Guetta, Dubfire, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Skrillex, Destructo, DJ Pauly D, Tiesto, Sasha Grey, and More

    Thu, 17 Mar 2011 16:34:03

    Set Your "House" On Fire — DJs You Need To Know Featuring Deadmau5, David Guetta, Dubfire, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Skrillex, Destructo, DJ Pauly D, Tiesto, Sasha Grey, and More - ARTISTdirect.com rounds up the DJs you need to hear in this exclusive feature showcasing Deadmau5, Sasha Grey, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Skrillex, DJ Pauly D, DJ Destructo, Tiesto, Kaskade, David Guetta, and more...

    Korn Photos

    • Korn - Photo: Korn live at EPICENTER 2015 at The Forum in Inglewood, California March 14, 2015
    • Korn - Photo: Korn live at EPICENTER 2015 at The Forum in Inglewood, California March 14, 2015
    • Korn - Photo: Korn live at EPICENTER 2015 at The Forum in Inglewood, California March 14, 2015

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    DJ Pauly D Videos

    • DJ Pauly D - Back To Love (Official Video)
    • DJ Pauly D - Back To Love (Lyric Video)

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    Electronic music has swept every facet of pop culture by storm. Whether DJ Pauly D is sparking a fist-pump party on Jersey Shore or Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack is blowing minds in cinemas everywhere, electronica serves as the sonic heartbeat to all of our collective good times in the 21st century. Massive music festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza continue to embrace the genre more and more, while celebrities and musicians from other genres have begun to experiment with it, moonlighting as DJs (some of them are damn good too!).

    Given this inescapable prominence, ARTISTdirect.com contributor Mary Gonzalez has compiled a list of some of the hottest, heaviest, and hardest DJs out there. Now, the list diversely spans not only electronic and its sub genres but a few of those celebrities and rockers who are coming up in the electronic world and doing it just as well as their pro-influences.

    Check out the list below and let us know what you think!


    Deadmau5 signals a rebirth for the genre in many ways. On his latest Ultra album 4×4=12, propulsive underground house beats and textures fuel danceable hooks that are focused, futuristic, and fiery. Deadmau5 effectively infuses his live energy into the songs, and it's palpable, poignant, and powerful on the likes of "Not Exactly" and "Arguru" and his incendiary collaboration with Kaskade "Move For Me" which fueled interest making crowds hungry for more. Then there's "I Remember" which could send shockwaves through any club or arena. Plus, he's got a style and show that's inimitable. Deadmau5 blazes a new trail…

    DJ Tiësto

    Tiësto has long been synonymous with the art form, but he keeps pushing boundaries and consequentially pushing the genre forward. His most recent album Kaleidoscope is the perfect amalgam of house and trance with some outside-the-box collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Cary Brothers, and Tegan and Sara. There's nothing like seeing him live either. He continues evolving and taking risks, like any great musician should. [Check out our exclusive playlist interview with Tiësto here!

    David Guetta

    David Guetta infiltrated hip hop, and he's brought rap music into his "house," creating spacey soundscapes for everyone from Akon and Kid Cudi to Black Eyed Peas and Ne-Yo. Guetta can go from great rock electro with "Love Is Gone" to fantastic hip hop like his Kid Cudi joint, "Memories." He's been crucial in bringing electronica to the masses, but his underground remixes are still where it's at. His finger stays on the pulse and he keeps up with the beat of the world, setting trends…


    He's one half of pioneers Deep Dish, but his latest brand of vibrant, visual, and versatile underground house could seriously send any club goers into a full-blown musical rapture. Another pro who keeps challenging himself and listeners, just spin the chaotically amazing "Grindhouse" or "Rabid" for proof.


    His name's certainly not new, but he keeps getting bigger, better, and more brilliant. With remixes on his resume including pop's biggest names Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Lady Gaga and personal projects like Late Night Alumni's latest dreamy masterpiece Haunted, Kaskade continues to entrance listeners beyond the clubs and even on the pop dial. Who can forget "There's An Angel On My Shoulder" which leaves a lasting impression and chills on any listener? Rock to the clean catchy beat of "Feeling The Night" too.


    Skrillex just can't be fucked with. He takes a little bit of dubstep, a tiny bit of house, and a whole lot of heavy metal attitude and devises some of the most explosive synthesis out there. There's a funk bounce to Skrillex that few can muster. He's got a rock 'n' roll vibe that's reminiscent of Daft Punk but on its own plane. On his latest EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Skrillex busts heads with heavy bass, schizophrenic robotic vocals, and drum beats on "Kill Everybody," and then he lifts listeners up to outer space on the dreamy "All I Ask Of You." The metal heads and electro fiends love him, and we know you will too! [Check out our exclusive interview with Skrillex here]


    Destructo epitomizes everything that a 21st century DJ should be. He melds hard house beats, a dash of disco, metal, and elegant techno into a style that makes jaws drop , fists fly, and asses shake. He's the man behind the premier electro festival, HARD, and he's not afraid to shock the shit out of crowds by mixing in a little Guns N' Roses. This is a forward-thinking, ballsy DJ, entrepreneur, and visionary. Every art form could use more cats like Destructo. [Check out our exclusive interview with Destructo here!]

    Jonathan Davis of Korn

    Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is not only one of the most powerful and important vocalists ever, but he's also a hell of a DJ. Mixing and mashing metal, dance music, and hip hop, his live sets pulsate with an entrancingly evil energy that you can't help but rock to. He headbangs like he's playing in front of a Korn crowd, but he knows how to temper the mix just right to keep the crowd bouncing. He fearlessly treads new waters and breaks the mold in the process—just like everything he's done. [Check out our latest exclusive interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn here!]

    DJ Pauly D

    We all know and love him from Jersey Shore (TV Series), but the boy really is a mastermind "behind the wheels of steel." He spins house his own way with a distinct, direct bounce that's meant to be heard live and really loud. Pauly knows the style of music, and he knows how to switch things up on the fly. Adaptable to any club, party, or "Situation," Pauly turns heads no matter what. For further proof, just spin "Beat Dat Beat (It's Time To)" from the Jersey Shore soundtrack. It's transcendent, titillating, and tremendous electronic [By Rick Florino].

    Sasha Grey

    The Entourage (TV Series) star and modern sex symbol kills it behind the board every time she gets in front of a club on stage. She infuses a seductively dark aesthetic into the electronic space, adding nouveau industrial and goth tones that will make you dance. Peep her band Atelecine too! [Check out our exclusive interview with Sasha Grey here and here!

    —Mary Gonzalez

    Who is your favorite DJ?

    Our boy Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe and Methods of Mayhem talks djing here!

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