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  • Song Premiere: Jutty Ranx "I'll Bring My Love"

    Mon, 18 May 2015 11:10:09

    Song Premiere: Jutty Ranx "I'll Bring My Love" -

    This smooth dance tune is modern, retro, and worldly - all at the same time. Get that mirror ball fired up!

    ARTISTdirect has teamed up with Jutty Ranx to premiere "I'll Bring My Love," in advance of the single's release May 19th. The track will appear on the band's new album, Discordia due out June 23.

    The worldly trio is comprised of the playfully enigmatic and U.S.-reared vocalist Justin Taylor, who is half-Jamaican, half-Kiwi, and all-captivating, and the production wiz Jaakko Manninen, the charming Finnish pop mastermind behind Beats and Styles. They are joined by multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Malina. Together, they collide to create a brand new form of pop music that is hard to forget, with combined backgrounds culturally and musically extending the globe. With all recording, mixing, mastering and media produced directly by the Los Angeles outfit, Jutty Ranx are a self-contained and rare creative unit of total visionary freedom.

    "My old boss, Virgil, was a lady's man. He once told me a story about a time he cheated on his wife. On his way home from the affair, he realized that the woman had given him a hickey on his neck. Knowing there was no way he could explain it to his wife, he panicked and rubbed the hickey with a cinder block until his skin was raw, and the bruise was concealed. He went home claiming an accident at work, and never cheated again. I had forgotten about the story until 10 years later, on a rainy day in Los Angeles," Justin Taylor said.

    "I was at home , feeling nostalgic for love lost, and Virgil's fear-stricken, bruised neck popped into my mind. Fear and love... two sides of the same coin. When you have that real love, it's a strong as any narcotic. The same incomparable high that puts hearts in your eyes, will slyly mention one day: 'Now you need me.' I wanted 'I'll Bring My Love' to capture that feeling of love and desperation, and the idea that what you give is what you get. are you the savior or the saved? The crying baby or the mother's breast? We ran with the idea from there, utilizing all the synths and cannabis we could find, so we could bring our love to you."

    With that in mind, feel the "Love."

    —Amy Sciarretto

    'Discordia' from Jutty Ranx is out June 23, 2015 via via Jutty Ranx Music/The End Records. Pre-order Discordia on iTunes.

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