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  • Special Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Jason Derulo

    Thu, 07 Aug 2014 10:48:18

    Special Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Jason Derulo - It's all about candy!

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    It's on!

    Singer Jason Derulo and duo Karmin each recorded a track as part of the Sweet Summer Showdown between two amazing candies: Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers. Derulo recorded "Celebration" and backs the hard candy, while Karmin cover "Summer Nights" and are all about licorice twists.

    Go here for contest details. Vote for Derulo x Jolly Rancher or Karmin x Twizzlers, and you can unlock contest booty and prizes, and download their songs.

    Amy Sciarretto nabbed some time with Jason Derulo about his participation in this amazing contest and found out the "Talk Dirty to Me" singer has a sweet tooth that's as sweet as the pop hooks he crafts.

    Since Jason Derulo is the A-est of the A-list in pop music, we ditched the usual Take Aim questions in favor of some ones crafted just for Mr. Derulo. It focuses on summer, fun and candy, things we ALL lurve.

    What is your fave summer activity?

    I really love working out. I've gotten into workouts with bars. If my rib wasn't broken right now, I would be on the [gym] bars. It is like new breakdancing! Everyone is doing new tricks on the bars. It is like a dance workout. I am going on tour in October and we bring that to the show. It is New Age breakdancing.

    It's breakdancing for millennials. What happened with your rib?

    I was playing basketball and I got undercut by a 300-pounder. The rib was kaput and it was done. I knew something was up. Sure enough, it was broken.

    Tell us about "Celebration," the Kool and the Gang song you recorded for the Jolly Rancher versus Twizzlers Sweet Summer Showdown!

    It's a legendary song and a classic and it was very summertime. I thought it was perfect. I usually write my own songs, but to be in someone else's shoes was cool! I picked it myself. It wasn't suggested.

    Why is a Jolly Rancher superior to Twizzlers? Twizzlers are movie candy. Ranchers are more of a commitment candy, since they take forever to get through!

    I'm Team Jolly Rancher! Of course I had a say [in which candy I picked]. I had to go with [what I think] is the winning candy! You can have a Jolly Rancher any time. When I am in the studio, you see a bucket of Jolly Ranchers – pink and red. The watermelon and cherry are my favorites. Before or after the gym, they are so fresh.

    Do you get a lifetime supply of Jolly Rancher for participating?

    For sure. Hershey stuff is always in my house. In my L.A. house and my Miami house, I have cabinets of Hershey stuff. It's bad. I am stocked. When I say stocked, I am stocked. Be prepared to go at it.

    It's surprising that you have a sweet tooth, since you are crazy in shape!

    All in moderation!

    Green Apple – do you like that flavor of Jolly Rancher?

    If you throw a curveball on the weekend, switch it up with Green Apple. But my go-tos are red and pink.

    Are you worried about getting cavities?

    I am OCD about my teeth. I brush my grill three times a day at least.

    Jolly Rancher or Twizzlers?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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