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  • Sydney Wayser to Release "Bell Choir Coast" in March

    Wed, 30 Nov 2011 12:37:34

    Sydney Wayser to Release "Bell Choir Coast" in March - We have deets on this LA native

    In the midst of the snowy tundra of a New York City winter, wrapped in ravaging winds and ice caked sidewalks, Sydney Wayser set out to make a record. That's quite ambitious, isn't it? The cold can certainly bring a lot out of you.

    What do ya need to know about Sydney Wayser? The LA-bred but Brooklyn-based songstress found her escape from the frigid cold in the woven gorgeous dream land she carved out. A space where it was always sunny and 75 degrees, where clouds crown the majesty of the mountains and the beaches are the stuff of postcards; the sand grain sifted to perfect warmth and the water is always calm. This new frontier would eventually become the record's concept and the fact that this place is seemingly fictional is no barrier to getting there, thanks to the stunning and varied Bell Choir Coast, which has already garnered praise and early spins from the likes of KCRW and is set to hit in March.

    The road that brought Sydney to Bell Choir Coast started two years ago when she found herself in a gorgeous studio with a talented producer, in the midst of that New York winter that made her completely miserable. The recording process felt all wrong and so she stepped away to take some time to rebuild and refocus, eventually deciding that if she couldn't go elsewhere, she'd bring other lands to her. Drawing on all of her influences, from summers the French-American spent in France, to painters and other artists, Sydney began to give her new territory shape and shade. "Bell Choir Coast is about a fictional land." In addition to constructing the land, she also created its ideal denizen, Clara-Nova, a distillation of all the qualities Sydney most wished to possess. "She's the newer version of myself. She's a hybrid between Athena, Joan of Arc and Aphrodite. She's a power woman, but still really feminine." When Wayser was ready to start recording again, she decided to use the home recording studio of Dan Molad, a friend who would ultimately become the album's producer. "I was there every day for three months," Sydney says happily. "It was close to the heart, it was organic, it felt natural."

    If you listen closely to Bell Choir Coast, you can hear fractures being set properly, wounds stitched and sutured. Sydney's voice is warm and close throughout, the effect of which is a leaning near, an intimacy shared. Album mission statement "Dream It Up" is a glitching, swift-paced explanation of the place Sydney created. Her voice rings clear and melodic across the song, despite the distortion it's ringed in. "It's an ode to the record. I feel like when people understand the concept more, the song is more powerful." "Wolf Eyes" is a character study of Clara-Nova, a rallying cry for Wayser to get in touch with her assertive side, set to honky-tonk piano and racing drums. Pace-changer "Come Aboard" is a languid invitation, all balmy rhythms and Sydney's warm vocals entreating the listener to escape the elements aboard a boat set on a course for the always sunny Bell Choir Coast.

    Does Sydney Wayser's music sound like something you want to listen to?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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