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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Caligula

    Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:16:01

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Caligula - Yes, it's his birth name, like that of the Roman Emperor

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    When you invite someone names Caligula into your lair for a Q&A session, you tend to tread lightly. After all, Caligula, the Roman Emperor, was quite a dastardly dude, although scholars are not certain that his historical reputation is wholly accurate. Nevertheless, the name Caligula tends to drudge up a little fear. However, this hip-hop artist did not choose the name Caligula or christen himself as such to show he is all hard. He was BORN with this name!

    We found him to be quite a charming chap when we took "Aim" with him! His single "Fighter Jet" features Wiz Khalifa. (Watch after the interview, below)

    You will love this future hotelier as much as we did. See if you can apply his 4L system, too!

    Twitter-size your bio. 140 words or character --your choice-- of everything we NEED to know about you. Go!

    First off, my name is Caligula and yes it's my birth name! You can also call me "Cali Stylz" aka "Liggy" aka "Eskimo Summers" because I'm hot and cold at the same time. I was born in San Diego and raised in Virginia within the Seven Cities area where I became an aspiring recording artist/entertainer that's now a part of the awesome N.A.R.S records team. I'm a super swanked out guy that's hip-hop to the core and digs all types of music. I currently have a single "Fighter Jet" featuring Wiz Khalifa and produced by the beat master Danja. It's available on iTunes now along with a nice stream of music I've released over the years. I live by the 4L system: Live, Laugh, Love, Life and everything else will fall in place. Stay active always and you can do what others can't!

    Wow. We'll have to adopt the 4L approach! If you were not doing music, you would be...

    Honestly if I wasn't doing music I would be chief engineer at Hyatt Place Hotels in Atlanta, Georgia. That's the career I was pursuing before I decided to become a full-time rapper.

    Any non-music skills/hobbies/talents?

    Yes, I'm very handy with the hands! I really like to fix things, paint, lawn maintenance and things of that nature. I also plan on owning my own hotel chain in the near future.

    Can you share an "inside" story about working with Wiz? Something we'd only know because you told us?

    Haha! When we were shooting the "Fighter Jet" video, it was mad hot. I'm talking about super hot so it caused me to sweat crazy. During the break between takes, the makeup girl had to pat me down from sweating and suddenly, I hear Wiz say, "Damn. You sweating like an athlete!" I don't know but that had me weak as F**K!

    You've released 14 albums online, clearly you embrace the digital age. Do you like working in the digital model? Any tips for aspiring artists?

    Yes, I love working in the digital model because it allows me to touch people all around the world! It helped me spread my music to different countries I would've never been able to reach without the internet. To the artists that really want success, you must learn how to sacrifice and be extremely patient. Those are two things that's needed when you are pursuing a music career and also staying active is key as well. Know who you are and be comfortable with the music you make!

    What a cool ass dude!

    —Amy Sciarretto

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