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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Comedian Mike Hollan

    Wed, 15 Jan 2014 15:48:00

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Comedian Mike Hollan - We love Jersey funny guys!

    New Jersey is one of our favorite states. Comedians are some of our favorite people. That's why we've invited New Jersey-based comedian Mike Hollan to Take Aim today.

    Get ready to chuckle and to get to know a promising young talent!

    Twitter-size your bio -- 140 words or characters, your choice-- about what we need to know about you.

    I'm from N.J., I'm very pale, and everyone makes fun of me for that. Some people say I have red hair, but I disagree with them.

    Any big NYC or N.J. gigs coming up?

    I'm at New York Comedy Club every Monday night at 9; it's a show I host every week and its a super funny show. And the host is very handsome (in my opinion).

    Three fave comics of all time?

    Dave Chappelle, Joel and Mike from Mystery Science Theater and Phil Hartman.

    If you were not doing comedy, you would be...

    Well, I still have a day job, so that.

    Comics mine their personal lives for source material -- does your fellow comedian girlfriend like being factored into your act and does she retaliate in hers?

    I always run jokes by her, and she always says that I don't have to. I think it's easier having a comedian girlfriend as opposed to a non-comedian girlfriend because she understands that comedy is exaggeration and simplification. The joke may come from an honest place, but it's not 100% true. She's never gotten upset, and has even helped with a couple of jokes. Also, I tend to target myself more than anything else, so even if I'm talking about her, the butt of the joke is still me.

    Sick of the "Mike Holland Tunnel" jokes already?

    Actually, very few people make that connection. Most people just make fun of me for being socially awkward. I wish people would be clever enough for Holland Tunnel jokes.

    Doing stand up takes balls -- since it's just you up there. How did you decide to take on THAT job?

    I always liked stand up, and I was in bands and performing music all throughout high school and college, so getting on stage wasn't that scary until the actual moment came, my name was called, and I realized I was all alone. I knew though that even if it went terribly, those six people in that dark basement would never see me again. My first time was actually a feedback open mic, so you'd perform, and then the other people there would give you feedback on your jokes. That was what I most excited for. So I muscled through my jokes, and then when I finished the host came up and asked if anyone had any feedback, and all I got was one 40-year-old lady who just said, 'Oh, that voice!' I still don't know whether she liked my voice or not.

    When did you realize you were funny?

    I'm still not sure that I'm funny.

    Shameless self-promo -- anything you wanna promote, have at it.

    Please follow me on Twitter. @mike_hollan. Even if you don't like me, just be cool about it.

    Who is your favorite comic?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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