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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Eve 6's Tony Fagenson

    Fri, 22 Jun 2012 15:05:49

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Eve 6's Tony Fagenson - Gloves are off... [an error occurred while processing this directive]

    Our resident muck raker Amy Sciarretto invited Eve 6 drummer Tony Fagenson into the ring for an epic Take Aim battle. It lasted five rounds (well, five questions but ardent followers of this column know how she rolls) and they both emerged victorious and mutually happy with the end result.

    Eve 6's Speak in Code is out now. So now go watch Tony F. get decoded! He shared a scary moment from Eve 6 history, such as the time their tour bus went up in flames and took a book of lyrics with it in the process. We're happy that's all that was lost. While a big loss, they escaped with their lives.

    We also love that he used the term "Frankensteined!" Tony, we <3 you.

    If you were not doing music, you would be:

    I'm a pretty healthy movie lover, so I'd probably be involved in the creation of them. Before I was fully hooked on music in my teens I was shooting and editing silly action shorts with my pals. It's stuck with me and I enjoy editing video content for the band.

    Any non-musical hobbies or skills or talents?

    See above. I've been hitting the tennis court lately; it helps center me. I began to learn how to SCUBA dive last winter ; now I just need to get off my behind and finish.

    Living in sunny L.A. it should be easy right?

    Pick ONE song off the new album Speak in Code and break it down for us. Put us inside the process. Tell us an "insider" story.

    The third track, "Situation Infatuation," has an interesting origin story. We were halfway through recording the album, and had all the songs written. It had taken several years for us to get to the point of actually making a new record and we had a lot of material built up; we definitely felt our writing was done.

    While we were working on another track in the main studio, [Vocalist/bassist] Max [Collins] started fooling around with a new idea on acoustic guitar in the lounge, and kept at it. He kept working it until it felt great, and the next day we had the skeleton of a completely new and exciting song. I started a bare bones "demo" in another room which became the song's blueprint, [guitarist] Jon [Siebels] laid down some guitar on it, and we were off to the races. The vibe came together nice and quickly; each layer really led into the next one without a lot of backtracking. I actually never "played" the drums on that track. All the drums had already been recorded and the kit wasn't set up anymore, so I took pieces of other tracks we had already recorded and Frankenstein-ed a new drum part together. It's now one of our faves from Speak in Code, and the song we've started every live set with since touring began!

    Craziest thing you've EVER seen on tour?

    Isn't this a family website? In all seriousness, probably our tour bus burning to smithereens on one of our first tours. We were on tour with another big band at the time, and had a night off in Birmingham, Alabama. We were hanging at club, and the bus was parked in front of our hotel a couple blocks away. I went back to the bus to get a drink, and walking up, I noticed smoke in the front lounge. I opened the door and saw flames directly ahead. In a mild state of panic, I grabbed the tiny fire extinguisher attached to the door, emptied it uselessly into the lounge, and then backed out of the bus as the fire took over quickly. Within minutes, there were six-foot flames leaping from the roof. I called everybody and had the hotel call 911, but it was too late. Afterwards, it looked like a bomb had gone off. It turns out to have been an electrical fire in the front lounge. Luckily most of our stuff was in the hotel, but we almost lost a booklet of new lyrics that Max was working on. Somehow it escaped the flames and no one got hurt -but we had an angel on our shoulders that night.

    One thing you MUST bring on tour with you?

    An inordinate number of socks and underwear. Playing shows every day you go through this stuff in double time.

    Are you going to Speak in Code?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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