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  • TAKE AIM: Amy Sciarretto vs. Filmmaker Sam Dunn

    Wed, 17 Oct 2012 15:19:42

    TAKE AIM: Amy Sciarretto vs. Filmmaker Sam Dunn - Metal!!

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    Sam Dunn was the man behind Metal Evolution, the extensive and exhaustive look at all genres of and the comprehensive history of metal, which aired on VH1 Classic. He is now working on a lost episode and is funding it through a fan campaign via Indie GoGo. Since we love metal and it's one of our fave genres, we wanted to to give Dunn a platform to discuss the critical nature of the lost episode and about his experiences crafting one of the most thorough exposes on the genre...EVER.

    Why did you decide to pursue the "lost episode?" What makes it crucial to include in the series?

    When we proposed the Metal Evolution series to VH1 Classic we included an episode on extreme metal. We felt that extreme metal was a crucial part of the story of metal's evolution, especially over the past 20 years. But VH1 Classic felt that the episode was just a little too "extreme" for their network. They were comfortable with thrash, but not extreme. Once the series was released we got great feedback from metal fans but hundreds of people mentioned that extreme metal was sorely missing! And since we agree, we decided to launch an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds to create the episode. It's a grassroots initiative from within the metal community to get this episode done!

    Tell us about fan-funded campaign - why did you go that route? How much do you need to raise?

    Since networks didn't want to get behind this episode, a crowd funded approached just seemed to make sense. Extreme metal has always been propped up by the metal fans in the underground who care passionately about this music, so a community-based fund raising campaign seemed to fit the spirt of this sub-genre. We need to raise $135,000 to fund all aspects of creating the episode - from research and writing to filming, travel, editing, licensing footage and music. So fans can contribute anywhere from $5 to 50,000! And we offer a ton of great perks for contributions: everything from advance digital downloads of the episode to limited edition posters of our "Heavy Metal Family Tree" to signed copies of Peter Beste's beautiful True Norwegian Black Metal photo book to VIP passes to Wacken 2013!

    Where will it air?

    Right now, we know that it will be a digital online release. If networks later decide they're interested, then we may go to a traditional broadcast. There's also the possibility of a DVD release with some special features from the Metal Evolution series if we can exceed our funding target.

    What was your favorite thing about doing the series?

    The most rewarding thing in making Metal Evolution was that we created the most comprehensive, yet also in-depth, series ever on the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Comprising 300 interviews with musicians, experts and producers, over 200 songs, and travel footage across dozens of countries around the world, we're proud that Metal Evolution will likely stand the test of time as metal's flagship documentary series. We'll be able to look back at the series and be glad we worked so damn hard!

    Will there be a follow up?

    There's no current plans for a full second season of Metal Evolution. We just didn't feel that there was another full season of sub-genres that could be as strong as the initial series. There's certainly a few remaining sub-genres that we'd love to cover (industrial metal, doom metal…) but let's get the extreme metal episode done first and take it from there!!!

    Donate now at indiegogo! The lost episode on extreme metal needs to be seen.

    —Amy Sciarretto

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