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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein

    Wed, 27 Feb 2013 16:11:58

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein - They are pop culture warriors and "Howard Stern Show" employees

    The Howard Stern Show lackeys (we mean that lovingly) Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein, the latter of which launched "Jump the Shark," star in their own, six episode VH1 Classic show For What It's Worth, which airs every Thursday at 10PM. It's on VH1 Classic, not VH1 regular, so do a little wrist action with your remote and find it, since you need to watch this show.

    The twosome, who armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of music and TV history, traipsed allover God's green earth, pursuing and evaluating priceless pieces of pop culture. So we had to discuss the collector mentality with them. Also, since we're Stern diehards, we had to ask them about their famous and brilliant boss, too.

    When did you shoot the show, since your boss gave you shit about going to the CES in January and doesn't like you to take time off from the show?

    Gary: We shot the show on our vacation and weekends last summer.

    Why did you decide to do this show?

    Jon: We are both collectors. We love seeing other people's collections and learning more, so we are somewhat experts. We can check out other collections, and bring our collections, and find out what stuff is worth.

    It's the stuff that's old that's worth the most at garage sales. Some people think it's wise to shop at new home yard sales, but that's not the case. There are goldmines in old homes.

    Gary: I go to estate sales all the time because of that.

    Is there anything that totally shocked you or blew you away with its value when you found it during the course of the show?

    Gary: There was a guy who was a very interesting person. He had an animation cell from the first Superman comic from the '40s. It was worth well into the six figures.

    Jon: We had a few items priced pretty high. A photo of Robert Johnson. Those don't exist. We thought, 'This has to be a re-pro,' so that was a surprise. Some people have stuff that looks like it's worth a lot, but it turns out that it wasn't.

    Do you want ever think about the time when you might want to part with some of your collectible stuff?

    Gary: When you tell people what their stuff is worth, they don't want to sell it. I am not looking to sell mine, either.

    Jon: It's more about sentiment than monetary. There are things I have that I would never part with.

    Gary: Some stuff is worth it to me because of the hunt, and the time I take to find it. I am always on the hunt. I did an interview with my local paper. A woman had something I was looking for. I should be like, 'I have plenty,' but I was like, 'Let me see what you've got.'

    Jon: If you are a true collector, your collection is never filled. There is always room for another DVD or a baseball card. You never can fill it.

    Will you watch the show?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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