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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. J Rand

    Tue, 14 Jan 2014 14:23:01

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. J Rand - He's on the upswing!

    J Rand is a hot, up and coming pop singer! Hence, his invite to Take Aim. He's the Heartbreak Kid, and is like an amalgam of the Justins -- Timberlake and Bieber, that is! He also mined his personal life into one of his songs. Find out all about J Rand.

    Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! GO!

    I'm J Rand aka the heartbreak kid! Younger than Timberlake, older than Bieber with better abs. I'm a singer, dancer and actor who's DJ'd Bar mitzvahs and performed on national television. My life is a rollercoaster so I'm here to make light of the truth behind being a struggling artist. All in all though I love to perform and tell stories through music.

    If you were not doing music, you would be...

    If I wasn't doing music I'd probably be bagging groceries and scrutinizing every one in music.

    Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

    I once was an all-American track runner in high school. I ran a 1:54 second 800 meters and 4:18 mile. If I didn't pursue music I would've continued running and got an education.

    Pick ONE song on your record and share a writing or recording story. Something intimate, that you haven't told anyone else (or at least a bunch of writers or journalists) and that which puts us in the moment with you. Let's get intimate, shall we?

    I have a song called 'Thanks for Nothin.' I wrote it about my ex-girlfriend who broke my car windows and hacked my email. I literally just told those stories of our demise but it was so outlandish it seemed funny although true. 'Thanks for Nothin' came to mine when describing our fall out. I believe everyone has a 'Thanks for Nothin' relationship. May call my album Thanks for Nothin as a double entendre to the music industry as well.

    Finish this sentence: J Rand is the artist that...

    J Rand is the artist that will climb up the rafters during a performance risking his life to get a reaction!

    Check out "Ride," J Rand's track with Flo Rida and T-Pain.

    Did you like getting to know J Rand? Find out more on J Rand at his facebook page.

    —Amy Sciarretto

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