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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Jessica Sager

    Mon, 17 Sep 2012 17:36:35

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Jessica Sager - She is one of the most awesome comedians in, like, EVER!

    For this edition of the always friendly Take Aim, Amy Sciarretto invited Jessica Sager into the ring. When you go toe-to-toe with a lady like Sager, it's a battle of wits, brains and beauty! That's a lethal combo, boys, so lookout!

    Sager is an up-and-coming comic in New York/New Jersey, one who isn't afraid to make a really subversive or bawdy joke and let it simmer and marinate with her crowd. She is a true talent and since we crush on female comedians and she happens to be our favorite, we invited her into our lair for a little Q&A action. She had us giggling -what else is new?- in two seconds flat.

    So get to know her and check out her comedy stylings. We love using that word when talking about comedy and we stole it from Punchline. But back to Sager. She is one of the funniest rising stars on the East Coast. Did we mention that she's adorable, likes to bake and drink you under the table?

    If you were not pursuing comedy (and writing), you would be...

    Ideally I'd be prepping for the zombie apocalypse, but in reality, I'd probably be napping. Or eating pumpkin pie. Actually, make that eating pumpkin pie, then napping. I'm also privy to reading books about serial killers in public. I have enough friends, but not enough ideas.

    Any secret talents/skills/hobbies?

    I'm a good baker, and I'm excellent at undoing knots. I'm also great at drinking at 3D movies and accidentally exchanging my aviators for 3D glasses before I leave. Did I mention I hate myself? That might be a good thing to throw in here.

    How did you know you wanted to try standup comedy? It's one of the hardest entertainment gigs out there, obviously, since it's JUST you and your jokes. What's the hardest thing about it? Best?

    I figured I'd do it as a bucket list thing and then go back to baking cookies at night and watching Golden Girls until I fell asleep, but enough people had low enough standards to keep laughing. I'd say the hardest things involved are stage fright and remembering what I want to say. I'm always nervous, and if I'm not isolated before my set to go over my notes, I'm probably going to forget an entire bit, especially if the audience is good looking because that's distracting. The best thing is the lack of sobriety, because, well, I really like gin, and a lot of times it's free.

    How do you deal with a particularly ornery or not receptive or "not smart" crowd?

    I just move along. I can't take it personally, because I'd kill myself, and I hate writing long letters. And I don't have life insurance, because I don't need anyone else getting a financial motive to kill me on top of all the others they probably have.

    How would you describe your comedy style?

    Dark and dry. I've been told I do a lot of "guy humor," but I'm not sure what that means, because I don't have any dick jokes. Maybe I should.

    And where can we learn more about you and see you perform?

    I have a website with nothing on it, which will hopefully change soon if I stop being a lazy sack of shit. You can also friend me on FB (you won't find what you're looking for if you lurk my pictures) and follow me on Twitter at @ohheyjesssager. I'm doing a funny, news-y, political podcast with my pal Dave Smith called Part of the Problem, which you can check out at www.facebook.com/partoftheproblem and on Twitter. I'll be at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ with Judah Friedlander on September 18 and at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City on September 26. Come hang! And drink, that way I look cuter.

    She also has a show at Gotham on September 22.

    Any New Jersey comedy fans going to see Jessica Sager? Don't miss her. She is fucking hilarious and we LOVE her, and if we love her, well, what we say goes! Got it?

    Go see her now so you can say you saw her way back when...since we think she's going to be bigger than Sara Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli!

    —Amy Sciarretto

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