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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Johnossi's John Englebert

    Mon, 07 Apr 2014 14:10:40

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Johnossi's John Englebert - Get to know 'em!

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    Today's Take Aim opponent is John Engelbert from Johnossi. All the details you need and want to know are contained within the Take Aim, yo! They are semi-okay soul searchers. Find out what that minds by reading on!

    Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! GO!

    Formed in 2004. Teenage friends John and Ossi. Energized by the pure fun and excitement of playing music. Guitar, drums, vocals. After only 3 live shows and 2 months as a band, signed first deal. First record released in 2005, a minor success in Sweden and Germany. Big Sound, large gestures. Third record, hit singles, gold/platinum records, Swedish Grammy Awards, fame. Big Liveshows. Lots of Touring. Exploring with new sounds for every record. Fourth and current record, brought in a third guy playing piano and synths. Constantly evolving while trying to keep an open spirit towards the world.

    Now that is how you Twitter-size a bio, even if it IS longer than the 140-characters! If you were not doing music, you would be..

    ...More miserable then I am today? A stockbroker? A scientist? A shaman? God knows.

    Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

    Not really, we're semi-okay at some stuff but not really great at anything. Enjoy skateboarding, kitesurfing, skiing, snowboarding, playing tennis, cooking. We're pretty good soul searchers I would say; I don't know if that's a talent though.

    It is. Pick ONE song on your record and share a writing or recording story. Something intimate, that you haven't told anyone else (or at least a bunch of writers or journalists) and that which puts us in the moment with you. Let's get intimate, shall we?

    'For a Little While' from Transitions...Having spent three weeks together with my wife and son in a fantastic summerhouse in the hills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on Portugal's south coast "Algarve" it was time to go home.

    Twenty minutes before we were supposed to leave for the airport, I picked up my guitar and this song just fell out of me. Lyrics and everything was written in those 20 minutes. It was like I'd always carried that song within me without knowing it until now. It's moments like that that really remind you of how magical and amazing music and creating is.

    Finish this sentence: Johnossi is the artist that...

    ...makes the best double cheeseburgers in Sweden.

    Check out their song "Into the Wild" below.

    Like it? Then download it for free at soundcloud.com.

    Free music is good. Free, good music is better.

    Are you all about Johnossi like we are?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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