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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Project 86's Andrew Schwab

    Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:12:24

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Project 86's Andrew Schwab - We go toe-to-toe with the singer + author and we feel unworthy

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    Project 86 singer Andrew Schwab is also an accomplished, published author. He admits he was the kid who didn't mind schlepping his way through papers in school, so he is comfortable putting pen to page and engaging in an interview with a fellow writer, such as this Take Aim! He also finished a book about boys can become men. We want to read that!

    With P86 on the cusp of a new album, dubbed Wait for the Siren, we roped Schwab into a Take Aim chat. Since he is so good with words, well, we were well-matched.

    If you were not be doing music, you would be…
    Writing books, teaching/speaking, and doing print design.

    Tell us more about your non-music skill/talent of being an author.
    Well, I guess I was always the kid in school who didn't mind writing papers. It has always been a passion of mine, and others around me tell me I communicate best on the page. I am currently finishing up a new book called The Tin Soldiers. It's a book for guys on how to become real men. I have met a lot of hurting, lost dudes in my travels, so I decided to put together a work to try to encourage them. [You can find out more on Andrew's site].

    Pick one song on Wait for the Siren and share a writing or recording story. Put us in the moment, telling us something we could not know unless we were there with you, in the moment. We're looking for something colorful, exclusive, etc.
    I had a specific vision for the song "Fall, Goliath, Fall." Before we wrote it, I wanted to make an Irish battle song. I wanted a song that would harken visions of epic medieval battles with Claymore swords and war drums and Uilleann pipes, where families fight for land against evil oppressors .

    The picture I had in my mind was a metaphor for the obstacles we face as artists in this industry, but I also wanted it to symbolize the plight of any underdog in any walk of life. We used a mandolin and a hammered dulcimer to give the song an epic, dramatic sound. As I wrote with my friend Andrew Welch over Skype, and the song came together, I got chills, even before the vocals were written. I knew we had a special song. Then, when I actually laid down the vocals in the studio while recording the album version-which was the first time I had ever sang them-I almost came out of my skin with joy. It was one of those moments that justifies all the hard work and sleepless nights which come as a part of doing this for a living. It was one of those moments that only happens a few times in your whole career, and that is if you are lucky.

    Project 86 have been on Tooth and Nail and on Atlantic, but you chose to do a Kickstarter campaign. Can you share a little about that experience? Do you like it better than having the label middle man? Did it create more or less stress or pressure? Why did you not go the label route, besides the obvious!
    It was more fun to be the one in control of everything. It was more work and more pressure, but more fulfilling as well. We had a few options as far as labels, but we went this route because we have an established, loyal fan base that we knew would respond to the call. And they did!

    Eight albums, 16 years. I was just listening to Project 86 and Drawing Black Lines on a road trip a month ago and I so love those albums. What keeps P86 going this deep into your career?
    Insanity! A death wish! And love for the music as well as the fans.

    Make sure to grab Wait for the Siren!

    —Amy Sciarretto

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