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    Fri, 22 Feb 2013 14:34:38

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Proxy - Get to know the EDM artist who marches to his own beats, literally

    We invited EDM artist Proxy into the ring for a Take Aim battle. His Music From the Eastblock Jungles is out now via Dim Mak [Part 1 at iTunes] [Part 2 at iTunes] and he is releasing a two-part series in a singles-driven market, which defies market expectations. You'll come to find that Proxy has no time for boundaries or to cater to what's expected. Settle in and get to know an artist who isn't really playing by anyone's rules but his own.

    His persona is that of a dictator and an authoritarian, so he was rather straightforward and militaristic with his answers. We totally love that he answered in character, so to speak.

    If you were not doing music, you would be...

    Locked in a rented attic, plotting the end of all music. Even though you would not know who I was, you would have still mourned my absence on some level, and thus welcomed its demise.

    Any non-musical skills, hobbies or talents?

    All non-musical skills and pastimes have been cultivated in the service of my music. These include anger, revenge, evisceration, keyboard playing, and Vladivostok Roulette, a variation in which all the chambers are loaded. You win by surviving the bullet.

    It's different -or gutsy and against-the-grain- to release a two-part series in a singles-driven market. What made you go that route?

    Terms like "gutsy" imply that I needed to overcome fear, that I experienced a degree of visceral terror at something as worthy of contempt as market considerations. The content of my work assumes—and aims to bring about—an end to such petty concerns. Soon, the only time "singles-driven" will enter your head is while being "driven" by a single slave master as you erect pyramids to near-feral warlords.

    EDM is HUGE in the U.S. now, and has always been prominent globally. Why do you think the genre has grown exponentially in the past two years?

    People may be weak and stupid, but their nervous systems have had enough time to develop for them to sense that their time is drawing to a close. This engenders a need to submit to something greater than themselves. Unfortunately, many only understand "greater" as "bigger," and what they deem "bigger" only evinces how small they really are.

    What's your favorite thing about club culture? Can you dispel any myths about the scene?

    The least objectionable thing about club "culture" (stumbling about in a drugged stupor now constitutes culture!) is how I am allowed to do what I do virtually unquestioned. Raves offer the only setting where people are open enough to take in the entirety of Proxy music, other than prison executions and ritualized birth ceremonies. The latter two pay poorly.

    Will you check out Proxy's music after reading this interview?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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