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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. The Last Royals' Eric James

    Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:09:50

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. The Last Royals' Eric James - We take on royalty

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    The ever-brave Amy Sciarretto decided to engage The Last Royals' singer Eric James in a Take Aim. He was a quality, uh, "opponent." Make that he was a good subject. We liked him. You will, too.

    He shared details about "the drum fill of destiny," too! What the hell is that? Read on to find out!

    The group dropped a three-song teaser for their new album Twistification. The teaser lands on October 2, whereas the album lands in early 2013.

    Get to know The Last Royals now. Better early than late, right?

    If you weren't doing music, you'd be...

    Probably writing songs for wannabe pop stars.

    Any non-music skills, talents or hobbies?

    Not many. I like to skateboard and lie awake at night.

    Pick one song off your album and give us an inside, colorful story, something we'd only know since you told us?

    The original intent was to make "Only the Brave" a safe, sappy, pre-teen anthem. But the drums and guitars would never really behave themselves. It gets a touch out of hand, just building toward complete unbridled disaster. Thankfully, just at the moment the whole thing is about to fly off the tracks, Mason came up with what we affectionately call the 'drum fill of destiny,' which is about the only thing between us and total chaos. See if you can find it.

    The Last Royals - the name makes us wonder - did you follow the royal nuptials last year or could you not give a rat's ass? This question, in case you can't detect our sarcasm, is meant to be funny or serious. Your choice.

    The name is just our way of declaring hope and hopelessness all at once. As far as the royal nuptials, we followed it really, really closely. (Meant to be funny)

    Twitter bio time! Give me 14o words of WHAT we NEED to know!

    The Last Royals are a rock band from Brooklyn NY. We have our first full length Twistification coming out in January 2013. We're gonna try and not screw things up.

    We don't think these guys can screw things up!

    Did you dig The Last Royals Take Aim chat?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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