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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Thrillcall's Matthew Tomaszewicz

    Tue, 28 Feb 2012 14:07:40

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Thrillcall's Matthew Tomaszewicz - He is a co-founder of an app you need to know and use

    Thrillcall's Matthew Tomaszewicz is a smart and forward-thinking guy and that's why he engaged in a Take Aim rapid fire with Amy Sciarretto. The Thrillcall app is one designed expressly for music lovers and concert goers. If you like to understand the science of the marketing of apps, then you will certainly find this informational and educational.

    Can you share your background in context of why/how you created this app?

    Sure. It was really data review of how people were using the Thrillcall web site. We saw two phenomena occurring.

    First, users were increasing accessing the site through mobile devices. First Blackberries, then iPhones and Androids.

    Second, we saw a marketed spike in traffic to our "geo" or city pages if you will, on weekends. People were looking for concert tickets for shows that night or that weekend with no idea on true availability and scattered pricing.

    From those simple datapoints, the genesis of the app was born. The bass guitar to the beat, so to say, was the need of promoters and venues to generate buzz and sales for their shows without discounting tickets and creating a behavior where users waited to purchase.

    If you did not create this app, you would be...?

    We would be ignoring the big trend in mobile and not capitalizing on a market opportunity enfolding in front of our eyes. I'm a big fan of the Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois and the Clarium thinking on investing in long term technology trends and then managing the bumps in the road.

    Of course, those guys are experts seeing opportunities like Palantir and others well before the opportunities became valid.

    We think that getting ahead of the curve in mobile is crucial in the ticketing space, especially as both fulfillment and in-event behaviors will use the mobile device more frequently as well.

    What makes Thrillcall a stand-out, "must have" app? What are the three key features that you think earn it such status?

    This is an easy question.

    First, we've added the absolute most accurate concert listings in North America. How do I know this? Live Nation came to us in 2009—unsolicited—and said they evaluated our date and that we had the best.

    That means you can find everything that is playing in any major city in the U.S.

    Next, we added compelling special live music offers that make you want to look each day at the app. This satisfies the last-minute cravings for live music while providing something extra, such as VIP access, back stage pass, etc.

    Finally, we made the purchase process smooth, effortless and trustworthy. After putting in your transaction data the first time, you can literally make a purchase in less than 15 seconds if you want next time you open the app.

    What void are you filling in the live music/concert biz?

    We are trying to reach people that are interested in live music through exclusive live music offers in a way that is respectful and beneficial to artists, promoters and venues. This has never been done before— the music industry is complicated and one that take a lot of navigation.

    Although we just released developing this app, the company has been in business since 2008, starting with our ticketing hub and has been taking its time, building relationships with venues, promoters and artists. We have approached this exclusive-offers business model and its new app conservatively to make sure the concert goer through the artist benefits. With our new app it's easier to get to shows, it entices people to attend shows with exclusives, makes it a lot easier to purchase (with in app purchase) and it benefits the entire live music ecosystem. What we are doing that is different is that it is trying to be the champion of small bands and venues and wants to bring those relationships to consumers in every major city.

    Can you explain a little of the functionality and background of this app?

    Sure – we took a look at some of the leading apps out there in local commerce.

    Gilt Group, Hotel Tonight, Uber and we watched how users behaved. The team here has quite a bit of experience in consumer media and music as well.

    We took our empirical data on the behaviors that we knew we needed to satisfy; we created a leading UI and almost as importantly, we created a very easy to use system behind the app for anyone who wants to use it. The result is an app that has the ability to transform what urbanites do in an evening, changing the nightlife of a city – getting more people off the couch and into live shows.

    You can nab the iOS app from the iTunes store. Android app coming soon.

    —Amy Sciarretto

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