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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Wakey! Wakey!'s Michael Grubbs

    Wed, 27 Aug 2014 16:52:30

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Wakey! Wakey!'s Michael Grubbs - Get to know him

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    We are Taking Aim with Wakey!Wakey! lead singer Michael Grubbs. He's back. They're back. Settle in or dive right in and get to know this artist, who makes alt-pop.

    Twitter-size your bio -- your choice of 140 words or characters, if you want to get technical-- and tell us everything we need to know! GO!

    After four years, Wakey!Wakey! are back with a heavily synth-driven alt-pop album called Salvation. After four years of touring Europe and North America, lead singer and songwriter Michael Grubbs has developed his songwriting and sound into a whole greater beast.

    If you were not doing music, you would be...

    Probably homeless. Or President.

    Any non-music hobbies, talents or skills?

    I love to cook. I've been lucky enough to support myself with music for the past four years, so it's all feast or famine. When I'm not touring or writing, very rarely I'll find myself with a chunk of time off, no money, and nothing to do. In times like these, it's all about my fiancee, my charcoal grill and my dog.

    Pick ONE song on your record and share a writing or recording story. Something intimate, that you haven't told anyone else (or at least a bunch of writers or journalists) and that which puts us in the moment with you. Let's get intimate, shall we?

    I spent an August in L.A. last year, and wrote pretty much every day for a month. One morning, I had a session with this guy Dan Keys, but I'd gone out the night before and partied WAY too hard with my L.A. friends. I remember waking up really early with the sun shining hard through the window at this little room in Silverlake. I was Airbnb-ing. I reached over and turned on my recorder and sang, 'Every little thing's gonna be OK / Everything's gonna be just fine / Every little thing's gonna be OK / We're gonna make it through the night...,' texted Dan, told him I was gonna need a late start and passed back out.

    When we finally got rolling, I picked up Dan and we went and met Adam Roth at his studio. We all admitted to being hung over, and pretty quickly wrote the song 'Through the Night.' The chorus was pretty much what I sang into the recorder, but less slurry and sloppy. The verses we wrote about how bad we all wanted to get our shit together. The next day, Fredrik Ericsson came in and we made the track all sick and heavy. That demo was later built into the album track.

    Finish this sentence:

    Wakey! Wakey! is the artist that...

    ...could be a soundtrack to a really great life.

    Did you Wakey! Wakey!?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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