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  • Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Write This Down Singer Johnny Collier

    Thu, 10 May 2012 14:18:40

    Take Aim: Amy Sciarretto vs. Write This Down Singer Johnny Collier - Live, learn, love. We did/do!

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    Write This Down: You want to check out Write This Down, who hail from Minneapolis, and their new album Lost Weekend, which drops June 5.

    We lassoed singer Johnny Collier for a Take Aim with our very own Amy Sciarretto. He wasn't too bruised, battered or bloodied by the experience. He emerged no worse for wear, since we go easy on good cooks from the Midwest. You see, Collier shared that he loves to cook so were sort of wondering if he could maybe, you know, make us something delicious!

    Yes, Johnny, that's an invite!

    If you were not doing music, you would be...?

    People always ask me what plan B is. This is plan B. Plan A was college. If I had to, I would maybe do something in the field of psychology.

    Any non-music skills, talents or hobbies?

    Getting first place on rainbow road in Mario Kart and I can whip up a mean omelet. I really do wish I had a giant kitchen with unlimited supplies. I love to cook and if I could, I would spend all day making delicious things, like sushi!

    Pick ONE song off Lost Weekend and share an inside, intimate story, be it writing, recording, etc. Something we could not know just from hearing it.

    The last song on the album, "Song and Dance," was actually the last song we wrote and it stuck with me the most on a personal level. I dated a girl for two-and-half years, and then we had an unhealthy on- and-off-again relationship and neither had enough fortitude to break it off for good and stick with it. It was like a bad habit we both kept running back to. Then when we were writing, the words just finally came out about getting her out of my system and moving on. I guess I just needed to get it down on paper to move on for good, and we both have.

    Those are the best kinds of songs -- the cathartic ones. What is the best thing about Minneapolis and the Midwest?

    A never ending supply of natural snow cones in the winter. Just don't eat the yellow ones [laughs.] The winters can be brutal, but if you endure it, the summer time here is amazing. The city life is a lot of fun with all the free concerts/block parties, lakes and good times. Minnesota Twins games are a blast to go to.

    If we had to write ONE thing down about Write This Down, what would it be?

    We're the wild-card.

    Any lost weekends you wanna share? That are printable, of course.

    Well, there were six of us living in a tiny two bedroom apartment that our two friends were renting. We had three days left on the lease and on the last day we moved all the furniture out and invited about 20 people over. Well before anyone actually got there, two of us were wrestling and ended up putting a dent in the wall. It wasn't very big, but for some reason we decided to just finish the job off and tear a giant hole big enough for two people to walk through. We were jumping through it two at a time onto a mattress in the next room. By the morning, we had smashed out four of the five windows in the place, sharpied the walls, smashed an acoustic and I set fire to my work uniform from the sandwich shop. The apartment wasn't in any of our names, so we didn't have any damages to pay for. What did you write down about Write This Down?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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