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    Wed, 08 Feb 2012 15:46:33

    Take Aim: Civil Twilight Vs. Amy Sciarretto - South African rockers go mano y mano for five questions

    Civil Twilight hail from South Africa and they rock. To further introduce the band to the American audience, singer/bassist/piano player Steven McKellar bravely engaged in a Take Aim rapid fire with Amy Sciarretto. He was a good sport and a brave soul.

    The band's latest album is holy weather, due out later this spring.

    With the word "Twilight" in your name, ever get some Twilight fans checking you out? They are a rapid bunch.

    I don't really know. But, judging by the ridiculous questions I get asked on the road (e.g: Did you name your band after the Twilight movies?). I presume so. Unfortunately. :)

    What's your favorite thing about South Africa?
    I love the wild, unpredictability of living there, mixed with the intense beauty of the surroundings. It's dangerous and exciting and like no other place in the world.

    If you were not making music, you would be...?

    I would probably be in a gutter somewhere asking you for a buck, or trying to sell you a poem and an old rose I found in the trash. It would depend on the weather.

    Any non-music skills or hobbies?

    I love to paint and write really bad short stories. And I love scrolling through my brother Andrew's amazing photos.

    Pick one song off holy weather and put us inside the process, be it writing or recording. Whether you tell us about something that happened while writing or how it came about in the studio, just share a detail that we would not know unless you told us!

    We were in NYC demoing for the album and had written the music for 'Fire Escape.' But, I had no lyrics for it and didn't know what the hell this song was about, or what I wanted to write for it. I was sitting down the next day with this girl I was seeing, and I asked her what she was currently listening to. She told me about this punk song she digs that is all about the fact that our generation has been promised too much. We've been promised and prepared for prosperity, and we've been handed down this way of life with no idea how it works or how it operates. And if it all failed tomorrow, all this technology and infrastructure, we would have no clue where or how to start over again. We would go back to medieval times. I thought, 'Hey. That's a great subject'. So I stole it. Bam! We've been promised and prepared for prosperity.

    Go here to pre-order the album.

    Are you going to check out holy weather based on this riveting Take Aim?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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