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  • Take Aim: Green River Ordinance vs. Amy Sciarretto

    Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:16:49

    Take Aim: Green River Ordinance vs. Amy Sciarretto - Read it and weep

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    Green River Ordinance's Joshua Wilkerson is the latest musician to fall victim to Amy Sciarretto's Take Aim rapid fire Q+A. He was game, but by the end of it, he was a little punchdrunk. No, actually, that's a lie. He was a total good sport.

    Without further adieu, check out his answers:

    Answer this: If I was not doing music, I would be...

    ...starting my own business. I love trying to find new ways to make life more efficient. My major in college was business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship and I miss those classes. I love learning about new start-up companies and listening to small business podcasts, etc.

    Do you have any non-musical skills/talents/hobbies?

    The most talented person in our band is probably our drummer, Denton Hunker. Besides playing drum set and percussion, he sews, works construction, substitute teaches when we're home, and wind surfs. We're all nerds though. Geoff loves reading sci-fi novels on the road and playing video games; he is also a wizard at music trivia. I used to be a part-time gamer. I "practiced" a video game called Counter-Strike around 6-8 hours a day with my team for a about a year. After that, I started a web design company and ran it for about 4-5 years until we got too busy to continue.

    Pick ONE song on your new album and put us inside it - be it a writing, recording or studio story. Tell us something we wouldn't know just from hearing it.

    One of my favorite songs on the record is "Crawling." It could be my favorite song to listen to or I could just love it because of the way that it was created...I'm not sure. It's the first song that we've created from scratch in the studio. We had a different song that we were starting to record. When we were about to record the final vocal part, our producer Chad Copelin said that he had a crazy idea He wanted to tear the instrumentation apart and put it back together differently. So we sat down and figured out how we wanted the song to sound without vocals. Then we scrapped all of the lyrics and started with "I'm crawling in your heart." Once we got going, Josh and I finished the lyrics and melody. So in one day the original song we had recorded and planned out was transformed into this entirely different song which I was much more proud of.

    What is a Green River Ordinance and do we need to abide by it?

    I'm not 100% sure of this, but we've heard that the Green River Ordinance is a law created in 1928 against walking pet weasels in public without a leash. I know that may sound weird to most, but it's a law that we felt really strongly about so we made it our name.

    ….No really, we used to practice in a garage and a sign in the garage read "Green River Ordinance Enforced."

    How do you hope to look back on 2012 for Green River Ordinance? If you had the benefit foresight, of course.

    I hope that people truly enjoy our record as much as we enjoyed making it! We want to continue to give back to our favorite charities --shameless plug -for www.hopegros.com-- the community, and our fans. Also, I hope that we get to bury our van, Lambchop, with dignity. She's traveled the distance from the earth to the moon and it's almost time that she lay to rest.

    Are you going to check out Green River Ordinance's latest album Under Fire?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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