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  • Take Aim: Modern Day Escape Vs. Carly Costello

    Thu, 26 Jan 2012 08:59:52

    Take Aim: Modern Day Escape Vs. Carly Costello - Find out why this band is buzzing and on our radar

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    Carly Costello subbed for normal Take Aim columnist Amy Sciarretto on this go round (she's busy) and all we have to say about CC is "Lucky Her!" She is over the moon about Modern Day Escape and is loving their vampy vibe. Under the Gun drops on March 27, so we had to nab singer James Vegas and force him to submit to a Take Aim rapid fire Q&A session. He was a little weak in the knees and somewhat wobbly after, but we're proud to report he survived.

    Answer this question: If I wasn't doing music, I'd be:

    350lbs, playing World of Warcraft all day, masturbating to hentai, and owning like at least 10 cats.

    Pick one song on Under the Gun and put us there, with you, in the process of writing or recording, whether it's telling us about the paranormal activity that took place during it or the 100 beers you guzzled during the process! Share a story, James. Be bold. Go there!

    "Life's a Bitch": We had just gotten to the hotel in Cleveland, that day it was around 1 AM and I had just polished off my 12th beer or so. I was feeling down. My girlfriend at the time and I had just broken up. We had almost wrecked the van on the way to Ohio and we were in a battle with management over creative differences. We also just lost our original lead guitarist, Bagel. So with all that being said, I sat outside with a pack of cigarettes in the snow and just started writing about how life is a bitch: you live, learn, and get the fuck over it. Accept it, you create your own happiness, and everyone's been there once or twice.

    Any non-music hobbies or skills you would like to share?

    I have an odd obsession with collecting coffee mugs and cups when out thrift store shopping. On our writing break, about every weekend, my ex and I went out to build up my collection 'till my cabinets were filled with rare Harry Potter mugs and Marvel glasses.

    Any crazy stories on the road with Wednesday 13?

    Oh shit yes. In El Paso, Texas, I decided to trust fall with the crowd and apparently they didn't trust me back. I ended up plowing through about a dozen 15 year old girls before slamming into the ground.

    Best horror film of all time?

    Inside. It haunts me to this day.

    Do you want to check out Modern Day Escape based on charming James Vegas' answers? Did I just make you love this band?

    —Carly Costello

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