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  • Take Aim: Secret Music's Daniel Fry Vs. ARTISTdirect

    Thu, 05 Jan 2012 15:42:12

    Take Aim: Secret Music's Daniel Fry Vs. ARTISTdirect - Read 'em and weep

    Secret Music's Daniel Fry submitted willingly to a rapid fire "Take Aim" with ARTISTdirect and Amy Sciarretto. Five questions, five answers. Read 'em and weep.

    Pay phones used in the making of the record? Tell us more. In the digital age, we didn't know those existed anywhere other than near schools!

    Sometimes you gotta stay hard-wired. You got the hood spot, the steamy, sketchy Chinatown streets, ummm jail, and we just plucked em. Locals probably just assumed there was some heat on that line, or shit got too deep and we were just doing them a favor.

    Florida, Cleveland, New York. It's an "American" melting pot in your history. Does this really affect your recorded output?

    Our melting pot is like a tasty chili -- with grenades for beans, angel hearts for tomatoes, and fucking demon farts for chili powder. Sorta explains our "taste" in music.

    Finish this sentence: If I wasn't making music, I would be _______________.

    Making a lot more money; like maybe be an erotic dancer? Or probably like a small rodent or pest-removal exterminator badass.

    Pick one song on the album and put is in the moment -- share either a writing or recording story that we couldn't know from hearing the song or reading about it in an interview.

    "Floozies," that was an OG Secret Music track, done while drinking fine scotch and Red Bull. Out one night with my buddy from Ween at some warehouse party. A serious dance floor full of booty; somehow got us scooped up a Honda full of young mamasotas from Bayridge. It ended up being just Chase and I and these five drunk hoodrats at the apartment. In a failed attempt to roll a crusty, stale dutch, the youngins left us there pass out on the floor.

    Do you have any non-music hobbies?

    Always been into types of recreational stunting, but lately it has been strictly music hustling and hooch.

    Are you digging Secret Music like we are?

    —Amy Sciarretto

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