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  • The 10 Best (Unlikely) Love Songs

    Tue, 10 Feb 2009 09:30:00

    The 10 Best (Unlikely) Love Songs - As chosen by Baby Bash, Sara Bareilles, My Chemical Romance, Bobby Valentino and more...

    1. Hinder "Lips of an Angel"

    Pop singer Sara Barreilles says that Hinder's moody n' broody rock n' roll ballad "is not something I listen to often, but my sister loves that song. Then I listened to the lyrics, and it's a unique situation about how when you've moved on but still love the old person…what does the new person think? It's unique."

    And something we've all felt, which is why the song endures.

    2. Otis Redding"These Arms Are Mine"

    Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero of alt rock icons My Chemical Romance is, by his own admission, "completely obsessed" with Otis Redding, choosing "These Arms Are Mine" and "That's How Strong My Love Is" as his faves. Iero is enamored by classic blues when it comes to "love" songs. He also says Percy Sledge's "It Tears Me Up" is "another one of my favorite songs in general."

    He continues, "They're [all] unlikely love songs because they're all about the pain involved in losing someone you love. To me, those are the best soul songs. I love '60s soul. I don't know if it's because I grew up listening to the stuff my dad listened to or my mom listened to. My mom was definitely more of a '50s girl. She loved Doo Wop. I found out about Otis Redding and Percy Sledge. My dad's a huge Joe Cocker fan, and he likes all of these other great soul singers too. That's really my favorite type of music. I could listen to that shit forever."

    See, being influenced by your parents' taste isn't such a bad, fuddy duddy thing after all!

    3. Floetry "Sometimes U Make Me Smile"

    Indie rapper Tech N9ne "loves" a tune from a UK outfit known as Floetry, which, according to Tech, is "like Poetry, but with 'Flo.'"

    He explains, "There's a song on their second album, Flo’Ology called 'Sometimes U Make Me Smile.' It's a weird love song when you think about it, 'Sometimes you make me smile?' You know what I mean? Not all the time, but sometimes! It's a beautiful song. People probably wouldn't think I listen to it. It feels really real. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride. See how beautiful this music is. It has no drums or kicks. I can't even explain it. The feeling of this music is angelic, man. It's beautiful. There's this girl Marsha that sings it, and another young lady named Natalie that does poetry on top of it. It is fucking incredible; just a beautiful love song."

    4. Frankee "F U R B (Fuck You Right Back)"

    Pop singer Frankie J chuckles with a warm smile when revealing his favorite unlikely love song. "There was a female artist by the name Frankee from, maybe, about four years ago. She had a song called 'F U R B.' That's probably one of my least favorite love songs, but it's a great unlikely love song. I would not like for someone to dedicate that song to me! That's a totally unlikely love song, especially with the title 'F U' [Laughs]."

    We're inclined to agree on that aspect.

    5. Baby Bash"Mamacita"

    Latin rapper Baby Bash picked one of his own songs as a Valentine Day fave, indicating that he has a high opinion of his music and why shouldn't he? He's got the skills! "My favorite Valentine's Day song is a song I've got called 'Mamacita','" the smooth-as-silk singer says. "That's one of my favorite love songs ever. It's on my Cyclone album. It's a real nice track. It's dedicated to all of my mamacitas, you know what I'm saying? All of 'em!"

    Mamacitas, are you listening? Bash is calling!

    6. Metallica "Nothing Else Matters"

    This song serves a two-fold purpose. It's a classic, heavy metal ballad, but what makes it so memorable is that it's a not-so-obvious love song about the things that count most in life. While Metallica's compositions lend themselves to being covered by all sorts of musicians–just witness Finnish folksters Apocalyptica—vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy of Florida shredders Trivium recalls a unique experience he had with a cover of this lovelorn tune. "I heard an accordion elevator version in hotel in Amsterdam four years ago, and told Metallica about it, and they didn't know about it. It was sung by a Dutch woman."

    Drummer Travis Smith gives the songs props, as well, saying, "I'll slow dance to it."

    7. Jodeci"Feenin'"

    R&B maestro Bobby Valentino weighed in on several unlikely love songs, spouting off about his personal faves. We thought it was appropriate that he comment on multiple songs, given that "Valentine" is the root word of his last name! He suggested "Feenin'" by the slick and sexy 90s act, Jodeci.

    "I chose this because as an artist, I'm always traveling, and when I meet that special lady in another state, I can’t get to know her like I want to or spend as much time as I would like to with her. So, she’s got me Feenin' for her."

    Who hasn't felt that feenin’ feeling?

    8. Bobby Valentino — "Give Me Your Heart"

    Valentino also suggested his own jam, "Give Me Your Heart," which is a cut off his new album, The Rebirth, which hit shelves on February 10. "I want a special young lady to give me her heart and be my Valentine," the singer says about the song.

    9. Rihanna"Umbrella"

    Valentino continues, "I want to protect my young lady, shield her from anything that would hurt her, just like an umbrella does."

    He's clearly picking up what Rihanna's putting down.

    10. Def Leppard’s"Pour Some Sugar On Me"

    Def Leppard's 1989 mega-smash "Pour Some Sugar On M" isn't as lascivious as it sounds. It's not about mixing sex and food; the "sugar" in the title is supposedly a reference to the Southern idiom that pertains to kissing. Sugar equals kiss in this case!

    As for what Valentino thinks about this tune, he says, "What better to do on Valentine's Day?" Mmm hmm.

    — Amy Sciarretto

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