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  • The 5 Best Indie Love Songs & The 5 Best Indie Heartbreak Songs

    Tue, 10 Feb 2009 09:32:28

    The 5 Best Indie Love Songs & The 5 Best Indie Heartbreak Songs - As chosen by editor Jay Watford

    The 5 Best Indie Rock Love Songs

    1. The Shivers"Beauty"

    This classic track from a regrettably overlooked songwriter is a mixtape gem for the indie-in-love. Express your love and flaunt your knowledge of the music world with an obscure song that doesn't require an "it takes a few listens" disclaimer.

    2. Lykke Li"Little Bit"

    The perfect love anthem for the coquettish in love, this track captures the politics of schoolyard crushes with the endearing lilt of Sweden's newest sweetheart. The only thing not included in this pop confection is the box of candy hearts.

    3. Animal Collective"My Girls"

    It's hard to imagine anything more romantic than a guy who'll only sacrifice his anti-materialistic beliefs to supply a roof for his wife and daughter, unless that guy also happens to have just put out one of the most remarkable albums in recent memory.

    4. TV on the Radio"Lovers Day"

    While one might think lyrics about faces melting and backs breaking wouldn't jive well with a love song, they make a perfect match when TV on the Radio chaperons.

    5. St. Vincent"Marry Me"

    The title track off St. Vincent's stunning debut might have a name unfit for casual sweethearts to share, but with lyrics as charming as, "We'll do what Mary and Joseph did, without the kid," it's a surefire hit for the already betrothed.

    5 Best Indie Songs of Heartbreak

    1. Death Cab For Cutie"Company Calls Epilogue"

    Back in the day, frontman Ben Gibbard was penning lamentations for lost loves with imagery of melting wedding figurines and salmon casualty rates. Now that he's married to indie icon Zooey Deschanel, we're guessing we won't be hearing about the plight of aquatic creatures much anymore.

    2. Bon Iver"Skinny Love"

    In the indie vernacular, Justin Vernon and his musical project Bon Iver have become synonymous with terms like "forlorn" and "frigid despair." It's clear why, as songs like "Skinny Love" make the perfect Valentine's Day soundtrack for those who only have a broken heater to snuggle up with.

    3. Sunset Rubdown"A Day In The Graveyard II"

    "If you could make another one of you, than you wouldn't give the other one to me," Spencer Krug laments in his inimitable croon, igniting fears that cloning might only make Valentine's Day more deprecating for the lonely.

    4. Mirah"Don't Die In Me"

    She may look like a cute little indie songstress with an acoustic guitar, but this song makes it clear that infidelity against her will lead to broken property and possible kicks to the face.

    5. Bright Eyes"Love I Don't to Love"

    No anti-valentines day list would be complete without the king of heartbreak himself, Conor Oberst. Though his catalogue is replete with applicable dirges, this ode to his penchant for meaningless hook-ups is definitely the last song you'd want to dedicate to your loved one at the karaoke bar.

    —Jay Watford

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