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  • The Downtown Fiction Exclusively Premiere Lyric Video for "Get It Right" on ARTISTdirect.com

    Fri, 16 Dec 2011 09:04:47

    The Downtown Fiction Exclusively Premiere Lyric Video for "Get It Right" on ARTISTdirect.com  - And give us a cool interview

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    The Downtown Fiction have a knack for drawing up unforgettable tunes with a little bit of punk energy and a whole lot of dance floor swagger.

    From their forthcoming digital release, Pineapple – EP due out Tuesday December 20th, "Get Right" packs a hummable hook, dreamy lead, and a slinky beat into one utterly undeniable anthem. Pineapple – EP is the perfect follow-up to the group's Let's Be Animals, released earlier this year. "Get It Right" has a cinematic sound that's tailor made for movies as well.

    You can practically see the American Pie cast walking along a beach to this! American Reunion producers take note. The Downtown Fiction will make you sing and dance, like all great rock bands should…

    The song just plain rules, and the band has teamed up with ARTISTdirect.com in order to premiere its exclusively lyric video! Watch the video below.

    Here's the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for "Get It Right"!

    In addition, The Downtown Fiction singer Cameron Leahy spoke to ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about the song below! So watch the video and see what he had to say about the track!

    What's the story behind "Get It Right"? What does the song mean to you? When did it come together? How did it come together?

    I'm admitting to my flaws. Sort of saying, "Yeah, we're all a little messed up, but we'll figure it out eventually." The whole EP revolves a lot around that theme—trying to be a better person. That's where the title, "Pineapple" comes in. Historically, it's been viewed as a symbol of hospitality. So, for me it just became a symbol of self-improvement. I wrote the song with Andrew Goldstein, which was great, since we've known each other for years and both came out of the same music scene in Virginia. Then we got together at a studio in L.A. and finished arranging the song as a band.

    How has The Downtown Fiction evolved or grown with this track?

    We had a lot of fun—ahh, secret word on Pee Wee's Playhouse—in the studio messing with different tones and arrangements on these songs. I've been using more fuzz pedals. We're always excited to experiment and find new sounds. I think otherwise we'd get bored.

    What's been inspiring you lately--any bands, movies, or books?

    It's difficult to mention current affairs without getting roll-y eyes and sounding "preachy." But on the subject of human rights, it's hard to stay quiet. I'll just say that, lyrically, I've been inspired by stories of activism around the world.

    What's next for you?

    We'll most likely be doing heavy touring in 2012 as well as beginning work on a new record. I'm very excited for all to come.

    Rick Florino

    Did you dig the song?

    Pre-order the EP here!

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