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  • The Top Ten Reasons You Need Hollywood Undead’s “American Tragedy”

    Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:40:34

    The Top Ten Reasons You Need Hollywood Undead’s “American Tragedy” - ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino gives ten reasons to purchase Hollywood Undead's "American Tragedy" in this exclusive feature....

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    There are obviously a myriad of reasons to love Hollywood Undead’s second album, American Tragedy.

    However, ARTISTdirect.com has narrowed that wide array down to ten succinct reasons why you should go out and buy American Tragedy right now. Most hard rock and hip hop sucks right now, and we all need to be able to put up a big middle finger to the same old pop that the machine keeps inundating us with as a buying public. Hollywood Undead raise that finger loud and proud on American Tragedy, and they deliver a landmark album in the process.

    Without any further editorial nonsense, ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino runs down ten reasons to buy American Tragedy

    10. American Tragedy gives club music a sense of humor…

    Most dance songs are horrendous. One line about “dancing”, “love”, or “being born some way” is repeated ad nauseam, and there’s usually some vapid one-hit wonder behind it. Hollywood Undead break the formula and craft songs you can dance to and laugh your ass off about as well. “Comin’ In Hot” actually describes what happens in night clubs, while brandishing a shit-eating grin right through the group’s patented masks. Verses like “Now she’s making her way down to my gentleman sword” and “This girl’s like a Mac the way she’s riding my laptop” garner big laughs over an ass-shaking beat. Plus, they’re drinking “so much goose they’re turning into geese” and “bitches are playing skin flutes like they’re Kenny G”. This song should be in The Hangover 2 it’s so effin’ funny…

    9. Hollywood Undead Don’t Give A Fuck What You Think

    This band has faced adversity that’d make most of their contemporaries pack up and go back to mom and dad’s basement. However, they’re still here to piss off the norm. They also declare right at the beginning of the album on “Apologize” that they “don’t apologize, that’s just the way it is, but we can harmonize even if we sound like shit.” There’s brilliance in that statement because the song’s catchier than most pop and rock radio…Nothing “shitty” about the Griffin Boice production either.

    8. Adult Film Legend Peter North Cameos in the “Been To Hell” Music Video

    Showing the death of one girl’s “big dreams”, Hollywood Undead and directors Jeff Janke and Corey Soria employed the “talents” of Peter North for the stark, intelligent, and hypnotic video for “Been To Hell”. You won’t miss “it”….Plus, the song sounds as depressingly catchy as any great Nine Inch Nails tune…

    7. The Heavier Side of Hollywood Is Embraced

    Hollywood Undead don’t hold anything back this time around, and their metal influences burn through brightly. “I Don’t Wanna Die” is a war ensemble all its own, while “Tendencies” has the visceral violence to ignite any mosh pit anywhere in the world. Hollywood Undead have always been a rock band at heart, and the world will hear it here whether they want to or not.

    6. It Could Be a Film Score

    Peep the beginning of “Glory” and the aforementioned “I Don’t Wanna Die” somber piano morphs into industrial hip hop metal. It’s unique and unsettling all at once. The band have the balls to incorporate any instrument, and American Tragedy sees them evolving immensely, especially with the powerful pipes of Danny carrying the choruses.

    5. Slicker, Smarter Rapping

    J-Dog, Johnny 3 Tears, Funny Man, and Charlie Scene have all grown as MCs, and they officially sound like the 21st century Gravediggaz this time around when they start dropping lyrical science.

    4. Johnny 3 Tears Will Kill You Again When He Sees You in Hell If You Don’t Buy It…

    He says it on “Tendencies”, and you’re fucked if you don’t heed his warning.

    3. “Bullet”

    Hollywood Undead snap from faint acoustic guitar into cinematic rhyming about suicide. It’s as infectious as it is intense. Hearing the little girl sing the refrain at the end is utterly powerful. With wrists slit and hearts open, this is the kind of song that could save some kid in the crowd. Horrifying and harrowing, it’s heart-wrenching genius.

    2. “Pour Me”

    This song needs to be the band’s next single. It’s a touching and tense examination of addiction with one of the most incredible pop melodies you’ll hear all year. It’s so stripped, bare, and bloody that it will make you feel. Johnny 3 Tears proves his status as a modern street poet, and you could see the band playing this song with Elton John at The Grammys. This is “Stan” for the 21st century.

    1. It’s Honest and That’s a Rarity These Days

    Hollywood Undead tell the truth with every word, riff, beat, rap, and melody. That’s what the world really needs right now.

    Rick Florino

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