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    Mon, 04 May 2009 09:41:31

    March 26, 2009 will go down in history as one of the most interesting days in my life. It was our first European show, and we got a great turn out for a Thursday night! We were in Nastiville, Denmark.

    Now, the Danish love their beer. I mean LOVE their beer. They drink brews like we drink bottles of water. Over the course of about six or seven hours, playing the show and sound check, I had about a dozen beers, and they kept calling me a lightweight! It was something else.

    I met one fan that really wanted me to meet his brother. Apparently, his brother was a huge fan but he couldn't make the show because he was at work. Now, this dude was a bouncer at a karaoke bar, so we decided to go meet him.

    Naesteved was a pretty small town. We were staying at a bed and breakfast, which was the largest hotel in the city. To me, when people said it, it kinda sounds like "Nastyville" which could be the title of a Motley Crue record or some bad late night movie. "Nestville" is actually the correct pronunciation, not "Nastyville." We were unfortunately saying, "Nastyville" and when we told the crowd, they laughed hysterically at us.

    Onto the karaoake bar…

    Now, either I was going to sing a karaoke song or get into a bar fight! So I ended up having to sing karaoke after the show. They let me choose my song though. I tried to fight it, but they made me do it. While I was on my 10th beer at that time, everyone else was on their 25th! No arguing with that…

    I searched through the karaoake catalog and picked "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters—who happen to be one of my favorite bands. I'd had so many beers that I thought I was a hit, and everybody seemed to enjoy it. They must've, since I didn't get into a bar fight!

    That was Nastiville for you, onto the next gig, next week…I also sort of dropped my iPhone in to the Jacuzzi, but more on that later…


    Check out photos below!

    Thomas Ian Nicholas Tour Blog Photo

    Thomas Ian Nicholas Tour Blog Photo

    Thomas Ian Nicholas Tour Blog Photo

    Thomas Ian Nicholas Tour Blog Photo

    Check out the video here!

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